Is Aldi Open On Easter Sunday 2024?

Easter is a time for egg hunts and whipping up your best Easter recipes. If you're planning on getting your holiday goodies from budget giant Aldi, you may need to hop on your prep early to pick up those March finds — rolling up on Easter Sunday will leave you empty-handed as doors will be closed.

According to Aldi's FAQs page, all of its stores are closed on four major holidays: Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and, you guessed it, Easter Sunday. Good Friday and Easter Monday aren't included in Aldi's separate list of holidays that have limited operating hours, so if you're in a pinch you can zip over on one of those days. However, some stores may have their own independent hours for specific holidays — the FAQ suggests that you should use the Aldi store locator to find your local branch's hours before setting off to avoid disappointment.

What Easter treats are available at Aldi?

Just because Aldi won't be open on Easter Sunday itself doesn't mean it's not going to be stocking some treats for the holiday. Plenty of chocolate eggs will be available — obviously! — including Moser Roth chocolate truffle eggs and Choceur Surprise Eggs. If egg-shaped sweets aren't your bag, you can pick up a Choceur Peanut Butter Filled Bunny or an Easter Hollow Character that comes in pig, lamb, and chick shapes.

For the traditionalists who eat lamb over Easter, Aldi is stocking Never Any! Lamb Shanks, available unseasoned or with rosemary and garlic. While folks are waiting for it to cook, there are plenty of Easter snacks available to keep their mouths busy. There will be two varieties of Southern Grove Trail Mix available for the holiday, as well as Clancy's Carrot Cake Flavored Kettle Corn. For dessert, there are Little Debbie Easter Basket Cakes or some Benton's Easter Cookies. While it's true that you'll need to get your stock in before Easter Sunday if you plan on using Aldi for your Easter treats, you also won't have to spend your holiday mulling around in a supermarket.