How Long Can You Store Caramel Sauce For Without It Going Bad?

It's hard to imagine a dessert that isn't improved by caramel sauce. Storing a tub of sauce in the kitchen is a great idea for when you want to zhuzh up a sweet treat, but questions about how long it lasts (especially if it's homemade) can arise. You can store homemade caramel sauce for up to ten days if it's kept in the fridge. Do everything you can to avoid excess moisture to get the most out of your caramel sauce, as bacteria grow more rapidly in moist environments. Keep your sauce in an airtight container, and cool it before you transfer it so steam doesn't get trapped in the tub. This also helps to avoid cracking if you're using non-Pyrex glass.

If left unopened, store-bought caramel sauce can last for several months beyond its sell-by date. Once opened, it's best to pop it in the fridge (transferring it to an airtight container if the packaging can't be resealed). Check the storage instructions, as shelf life can vary from brand to brand, but generally, store-bought sauce can last for a few weeks after it's been opened.

The freezer is an option for homemade and store-bought sauce and extends the shelf life of both by several months. You'll just have to remember to take it out to thaw overnight and use it within two days. Once you're ready to use your caramel sauce, warm it slowly so it doesn't scorch.

How can you tell if caramel sauce has gone bad?

Caramel sauce isn't necessarily dangerous if it's been kept for a few days too long, but it certainly won't taste as nice. The absolute exception to that rule is the presence of mold. If you notice mold, toss the sauce immediately.

Before you reheat your sauce, be sure to check it for signs that it might have spoiled. In terms of appearance, spoiled caramel will appear lumpy or hard. The liquids and solids may have separated, creating a watery film. A significant color change is also a good indicator that your sauce has gone bad.

If the sight test checks out, give your caramel sauce a sniff. A sour smell will let you know that you're better off going without (or making a fresh batch). Finally, do a taste test. If you sample a little bit of the sauce and find it has an acidic, stale, or generally odd flavor, it's fair to assume it won't taste great poured over your salted caramel cake.