José Andrés Wants To Eat The Dune Sandworm

If your first thought upon seeing the massive, scaly sandworm in "Dune: Part Two" was, "No, thank you," then you're probably pretty reasonable. A slight recoil, the urge to run — these would all be sensible reflexes when faced with the man-eating beast, which grows to at least 10 times the size of a blue whale. When Michelin-starred chef José Andrés first spotted the Shai-Hulud on the big screen, however, all he saw was an extraterrestrial delicacy.

In a TikTok shared by Bon Appétit on March 20, an interviewer asked the Spanish-American chef if he had seen Denis Villeneuve's "Dune: Part Two," which premiered on March 1. The simple question was met with an out-of-this-world response. "I would love to eat that worm, man," Andrés said with conviction. Sputtering in disbelief, the chef went on to explain his confusion that no one on the fictional desert planet had ever sliced up and cooked one of the sandworms. "I understand it's a semi-sacred thing, but it kills people, too," he justified, adding, "A little steak on the grill ... Imagine! This has to taste so good."

Specializing in high-end Spanish fare, Andrés is known for his use of supremely fresh seafood, fine sauces, and marvelous marinades. So, if anyone could transform a slimy sandworm into a tasty treat, it's definitely him. Who could say no to Shai-Hulud prepared in the style of the Baby Squid Tempura served at Andrés' New York restaurant The Bazaar?

José Andrés thinks sandworms would be tasty, but the internet has doubts

While a sandworm filet prepared by José Andrés might sound tempting, it would be rather difficult to obtain. By all accounts, adult sandworms are extraordinarily hard to kill (though that might matter little to Andrés, who once risked his life for some rare, tasty barnacles). Because water is sandworms' kryptonite, so to speak, spraying them with a squirt gun could make for a quick (but not-so-painless) slaughter, if you could get your hands on enough of it. But since water causes sandworm flesh to quite literally disintegrate, this would almost certainly be a waste.


Shai-Hulud on the grill? Turns out chef @José Andrés spent part of #Dune2 wondering why nobody was slicing off a fillet of sandworm to feed the crowds on Arrakis.

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The passionate celebrity chef isn't the first to broach the subject of eating one of these colossal creatures. Commenting on a Reddit thread dedicated to the subject, one person pointed out that, even if you managed to slay one of these beasts, its meat would likely be unpalatable. "I got the impression that sandworms are extremely dry — almost like machines — because any water is a threat to them, right?" The commenter then added, "It would be like eating rocks."

The Shai-Hulud aren't the only fictional space creatures Andrés wants to sink his teeth into, either. The chef also told Bon Appétit that he wished people had the opportunity to taste all the animals in "Star Wars." Now, we never want to yuck anyone's yum, but an Ewok casserole is where we draw the line!