The Cheesecake Factory Does, In Fact, Have Vegan Options

It can sometimes be tough for vegans to dine out at any non-vegan restaurant, let alone The Cheesecake Factory. However, just like how non-meat eaters can eat at a steakhouse, it's feasible for those following a vegan diet to find something to chow down on at the chain. Keep in mind that The Cheesecake Factory uses shared equipment and fryers, so there's no guarantee there won't be any cross-contamination. Therefore, it may be best practice to alert your server of your dietary preferences upon arrival to see if they can make special accommodations.

Starting strong, both complementary breads are vegan. Then, inside of the restaurant's book-like menu, there are only a few items that are clearly vegan right off the bat, like the vegan Cobb salad. The little house salad and the larger tossed green salad without croutons are also vegan and can be ordered with vegan dressings like the French mustard vinaigrette. Most of the side dishes are vegan; just make sure you ask for your veggies to be prepared without butter.

The avocado Thai lettuce wraps and Korean fried cauliflower are suitable for vegan dining, so long as you order the latter without the ranch. The Cheesecake Factory also offers an Impossible Burger dressed with vegan fixings. Meanwhile, its Veggie Burger surprisingly might not be vegan depending on which location you're dining at, so check with your server before ordering this handheld.

With modifications, these menu items can be veganized

You can also request modifications to veganize a non-vegan dish at The Cheesecake Factory. While not every menu item can be made vegan, a spokesperson for the restaurant assured Mashed that the staff will do their best to accommodate special requests.

In the small plates and appetizer sections of the menu, the avocado tacos can be made vegan if you ditch the sauce drizzled on them, as can the Factory Nachos if you order them without cheese and sour cream. The beet and avocado salad is also an option if ordered without the honey-yogurt sauce. Several other entree salads can be made vegan by omitting the proteins and toppings like cheese and onion strings then requesting vegan dressing. You may even be able to request an Impossible Burger patty with your greens. Additionally, Evelyn's Favorite Pasta can also be veganized by requesting no butter sauce, garlic butter purée, dip, or cheese.

Sadly, The Cheesecake Factory is seriously lacking in vegan options when it comes to its namesake, leaving the only vegan-friendly dessert to be a bowl of fresh strawberries without whipped cream. However, a spokesperson for the restaurant told Mashed, "Our culinary and bakery teams are constantly working on new menu items to keep our menu fresh and exciting for all guests." Hopefully, that means it's only a matter of time before a vegan cheesecake hits The Cheesecake Factory menu.