13 Must-Buy Food Items From Cracker Barrel's Country Store According To Customers

If you're a fan of Cracker Barrel, then you likely already know about its heartwarming country store. With shelves stocked full of an assortment of seemingly everything imaginable, it's hard not to get caught up before you even get to the table for breakfast. You may not know that many of the products you see in the store are also available online and that there are a ton of buys there that we think you ought to know about.

After sifting through the many items sold at Cracker Barrel, we were fascinated by the number of things that received stellar reviews. From non-traditional grabs to comforting classics, we quickly realized that Cracker Barrel, though known primarily as a restaurant, holds its own as a food market.

Grab your reusable bags and get ready for a culinary journey! We detail some of the most mouthwatering food items available in Cracker Barrel's Country Store, according to customers. From sweet treats and casual eats to baked goods that rival your local bakery, we're here to fill you in on all the must-buy food items from Cracker Barrel's Country Store.

1. Pecan Log

If you've never heard of a pecan log, you're missing out. Cracker Barrel's Country Store sells a version of this treat that is something worth getting your hands on. Judging by the 45 glowing reviews and 100% recommendation rate currently on the restaurant's online store listing for this item, the pecan log is a yummy grab straight from the Cracker Barrel manufacturing plant. You get 7 ounces of this traditional treat for about $6 a pop. These logs are handmade with nougat, caramel, and, of course, pecans.

The log is sliceable, making it perfect for when you want to share a delectable treat amongst friends — or not. It also makes for an incredible edible gift, especially around the holidays when pecan-infused goodies abound. Either way, customers are smitten with this one, and we haven't found anyone willing to make a negative comment about it other than that it's seriously yummy and is rich in calories.

2. Sanded Candies

You may or may not be familiar with sanded candies, but these old-school sweets are worth a try. While gummy worms and Starburst candies might be the secret indulgences we save for the kiddos (or sneaky solo snacking), there's something undeniably regal about the sanded candies on offer at Cracker Barrel. These sugary gems carry an air of sophistication, making them not only acceptable but downright preferable for adult consumption.

Sanded candies are simply hard candy treats coated with fine sugar and thrown into a bag. They come in an assortment of flavors like cinnamon, cherry, lemon, and licorice. Going by the reviews of the Cracker Barrel website, they have quite a fan following. People seem especially fond of the fact that they can purchase these online, as your local Cracker Barrel store may not always have the flavors you're looking for. Still, each flavor is available online as of publication, including the mysterious horehound flavor, which is reminiscent of root beer and licorice.

3. Cracker Barrel Coffee, Regular and Decaf

The smell of home-cooked goodness and the nostalgic, old-fashioned decor of Cracker Barrel fit well with the warm aroma and rich taste of coffee. Unsurprisingly, Cracker Barrel serves up a mean cup of joe. Thankfully, it's available in the Cracker Barrel store for purchase, too. Customers love that the regular brew is pleasantly smooth and available online for folks who don't have a Cracker Barrel in their area. Some claim the flavor of this one is so good that it's hard to stop at one cup.

You should be aware that Cracker Barrel offers its sensational coffee grab in as decaf, too, for those who would rather skip the caffeine but still want to reap the benefits of its rich taste. Rest assured, it tastes just as good, with plenty of positive reviews to back this up. Score either version of this Cracker Barrel coffee for only $10 per 16-ounce bag.

4. Cracker Barrel Biscuit and Dumpling Mix

Another great grab that's synonymous with the southern charm of Cracker Barrel is the Biscuit and Dumpling Mix. This comforting 2-pound box of joy features the promise of warm, fluffy, and flavorful biscuits for only around $6 per box.

Fans of Cracker Barrel's Biscuit and Dumpling Mix say the biscuits are the perfect treat and bake up practically perfect every time. The dough can sometimes get a little sticky but don't fret, as it's nothing a little extra flour can't fix. These gems are also your secret weapon for crafting chewy, irresistible dumplings in a hearty chicken soup. It's also very convenient and could be an especially attractive option for home cooks who could use a little extra help with time in the kitchen. With this Cracker Barrel biscuit mix, you can whip up this comforting classic much more quickly than starting from scratch.

5. Cobbler filling

Peach cobbler, blackberry pie, fried apples — shall we go on? These classic comfort foods didn't become favorites for nothing. What makes it better is that, at Cracker Barrel, it all comes in a convenient can. At this point, you're probably thinking desserts like these would taste better made fresh. Still, it helps to have a can or two of pie filling ready for an impromptu treat, whether for unexpected guests or the times when you just don't feel like adulting.

The fruit fillings and fried apples found at the Cracker Barrel store are a good replacement for the real thing. Cracker Barrel patrons adore these fillings, with some claiming the fried apples to be just as good as those crafted by their mothers. Enjoy with ice cream, on their own, or in a peach, apple, or blackberry cobbler. Just be aware that you may not always find these goods in the physical store. According to some shoppers, these canned varieties are sometimes best found online.

6. Spiced Apple Butter

You didn't think we forgot about this yummy biscuit topping, did you ? The spiced apple butter from Cracker Barrel would be an awesome accompaniment to toast, oatmeal, bagels, yogurt, and, yes, Cracker Barrel's fluffy buttermilk biscuits. It simply screams fall, though we think this simple and flavorful topping can be enjoyed any time.

According to customers, Cracker Barrel's spiced apple butter is nothing less than delicious. People have mentioned a variety of uses for the stuff, including giving family members a jar for Christmas, using it as a filling for stack cake, and even using it as a replacement for grape jelly on a peanut butter sandwich to craft a uniquely delicious remix of an old lunchbox classic. While we wish we could spill the beans on the ingredients included in this seemingly magical spread, Cracker Barrel is keeping this information hush-hush — at least on the website.

7. Charles BBQ Chips

There's nothing like a good BBQ chip that reminds us of cookouts and warm summer days. For spiced crisp aficionados, the Charles BBQ Chips on sale at the Cracker Barrel store take the cake for one of the most highly-praised varieties of BBQ chips on the market, at least according to fans. We did a little more digging and found dozens of glowing reviews for the chips leading us to believe that these are the real deal. 

Though we don't commonly see this brand sold in markets near us, you can snag these chips easily in the Cracker Barrel store or online. While your typical bag of chips may only cost you anywhere between $3 to $4 for an 8-ounce package, you can expect to pay around $5 per 9-ounce bag for Charles BBQ Chips online. It may not be as cheap as some of the other brands, but the slight difference in price for the flavor is, to many, well worth it.

8. Original Lemon Straws

What the heck are lemon straws, you ask? They're probably not what you think. At first glance, we thought these were going to be fruity little sweet and sour candies covered in granulated sugar, like the kind that so many os us used to eat as kids. After a second glance, however, we learned that these are actually lemon-infused cookies dusted with powdered sugar.

According to the description on the website, these lemon straws are shortbread cookies with a lemony flavor and powdered with a light coating of confectioner's sugar. One patron attests that the tang from the lemon pairs perfectly with the taste and texture of a shortbread cookie. Though we will admit that there aren't scores of reviews for this particular Cracker Barrel item online, just the description of these alone is enough to cause us to salivate. Lemon and powdered sugar? Count us in.

9. Cracker Barrel Peanut Brittle

People get really amped over this product, and after reading a bit about it, we can definitely see why. Cracker Barrel Peanut Brittle is another one of the restaurant's exclusive buys. It's kettle-cooked in small batches using Virginia Grade A Spanish peanuts, then stretched and turned by hand. The company promises old-fashioned flavor with a rich savor. So, did they deliver?

Cracker Barrel buffs can't seem to get enough of this stuff, with many hailing it as the best peanut brittle around. One customer got a kick out of its pleasant snap, while others deem this a gift-worthy treat, gracing friends and family members with a box for the holidays. If you're planning to make a purchase, you can get your hands on these for about $5.49 per 14-ounce package. Since they have such a large fan base, we recommend you get them while you still can.

10. Moxie Elixir Soda

Moxie Elixir Soda is a one-of-a-kind find. It is among the oldest soft drinks available on the market, having been first created in 1884. The drink has garnered mass popularity for many reasons. Back in the day, Moxie Elixir was thought to cure both a loss of manhood and softening of the brain. Moxie is still enjoyed by the people blessed enough to know about it, to the point where it's even been named the official soft drink of Maine.

The flavor of Moxie Elixir is just as interesting as its backstory. Fans of the drink agree that it carries a unique flavor, complete with a licorice-like smell and the taste of root beer and cola. This one might be an acquired taste, but those who adore the distinct flavor of this beverage can celebrate the fact that it's readily available at the Cracker Barrel store online.

11. Butter Mints

Ah, Butter Mints. To many minds, they're such a strange flavor mashup, yet they taste incredibly delicious. The smooth texture with just the right amount of mint sends these up and over the top. What's surprising is that although these candies are called butter mints, we somehow assumed there wouldn't actually be butter in them. Lo and behold, we were wrong. These babies totally feature butter in the ingredients, which explains their creamy, rich flavor.

At Cracker Barrel, you can currently score Naylor's Butter Mints for $5.99 for a 9-ounce canister. The mints come in an array of colors and have a meltingly soft texture. Customers who have indulged in these old-fashioned treats describe them as smooth and light, claiming them to be just as good as butter mints made from scratch at home. However, you shouldn't expect this sweet treat to take care of any lingering halitosis; you'll need a stronger, different kind of mint to take on that task. Just sayin'.

12. Big Red Soda

Another soda makes the list, but this time, it's an exceptionally popular grab from Waco, Texas. Big Red Soda may not be familiar to everyone across the United States, but for those growing up in the Lone Star State, it's kind of a big deal. Big Red Soda was created in 1937 and is known for its delightfully smooth taste. Obviously, Cracker Barrel deems the soda good enough to sell in its stores, but we did wonder what this popular southern drink must taste like.

From what we gather, Big Red Soda tastes similar to — well — we aren't sure. No one can pinpoint the unique flavor of this drink, leaving us feeling more baffled than enlightened. One fan claims it tastes like cinnamon mixed with cotton candy, while others liken it to cream soda integrated with cherry. Some even say it tastes like bubble gum. Whatever the flavor, one thing's for certain: people get really excited about this stuff. Snag it and see what you think the next time you order from the Cracker Barrel store.

13. Sugar Free Syrup

If you're in the market for a good sugar-free maple syrup, you'll probably love Cracker Barrel's version. You may be wondering why we've decided to feature Cracker Barrel's sugar-free syrup over the original variety. That's a good question. When it comes to maple syrup, we're kind of purists, meaning if something is labeled as "syrup," it better be the real deal. Sadly, that isn't the case at Cracker Barrel, given that its maple syrup contains only 55% maple. There is a silver lining to all this, though — Cracker Barrel's sugar-free syrup is out of this world.

Yes, the sugar-free version of Cracker Barrel's pancake syrup is something to write home about. At around $10 for a 12-ounce bottle, people seeking to alter their diet or looking to live a sugar-free lifestyle have found this little bottle of joy to be just that. Consumers proclaim that you barely miss the sugar, given that the syrup packs so much flavor into that bottle. Yeah, it's a little unorthodox, but if you're after a sugar-free version of maple syrup, the buck stops with this one.


The list for must-buy foods from Cracker Barrel was devised through careful analysis of popular items and customer reviews. We also sought out unique food items, especially if they featured several positive reviews. Almost every recommendation on this list is highly acclaimed, meaning you aren't likely to be disappointed if you give these food items a try. Of course, whether or not you'll love these picks as much as other patrons will depend on your taste buds and personal preference.