Did Popeyes Just Write The Song Of The Summer For Its New Sandwich?

Popeyes made an indelible mark on the commercial jingle world with its iconic "Love That Chicken From Popeyes" ditty. However, the chicken chain just took things to a new level with its latest promotional tune. In an email to Mashed, Popeyes revealed that it selected rapper Alfred Banks and saxophonist Albert Allenbeck of the New Orleans hip-hop duo SaxKixAve to record a "Bring Back Lunch" anthem. In the song, Banks spits verses all about Popeyes' newest salvo in the fast food chicken wars — the Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

Banks says to drop the bland office lunches for a walk on the Cajun side, rapping, "Finally got a moment to grub, I'm like, 'yay,' but all I see is an assorted vegetable tray ... Put your soggy lettuce and your wraps on the shelf. Lunch is broke, and it ain't fixing itself." Banks goes on to explain that Popeyes is "tryna bring back lunch one sandwich at a time," evidently with the Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich to kick things off. Allenbeck spurs the song forward with some sweet saxophone, all accompanied by a sample of the classic Popeyes jingle. Besides making us hungry for a fast food chicken sandwich, this song is a bop in its own right. Here's what else we know about the new sandwich. 

Popeyes wants to bring fun back to lunch

Popeyes' Golden BBQ Chicken Sandwich features buttermilk-battered, all-white meat chicken breast, barrel-cured pickles, a brioche bun, and Golden BBQ sauce. Customers can also add applewood smoked bacon and a slice of Havarti cheese for extra richness. It's somewhat similar to the beloved Popeye's classic chicken sandwich. The sandwich will be available nationwide on May 7 at participating Popeyes locations. 

To encourage customers to try the new chicken sandwich, Popeyes is launching the Lunch Money FUNds promotion on its app, which will give rewards members credits to order a free Golden BBQ sandwich, and as Popeyes states in the email to Mashed, to "ensure FUN is infused back into lunch." Popeyes didn't state exactly when it would release these rewards or how to claim them, but if you're keen to get a free sandwich for your lunch, you'll need to be a rewards member.