Does Panera Bread's Menu Have Keto-Friendly Options?

Are you considering lunch at your nearby Panera Bread and wondering if it offers keto-friendly options? Many who are on the low-carb, high-protein train have found themselves in the same boat: meeting friends at the popular restaurant and wondering if there will be anything on the menu they can eat. While the short answer is yes, there are some things you need to know before heading there.

The options are few and all of them require modification. With the word "bread" in its name, it shouldn't be surprising that keto really isn't a specialty at Panera Bread — alas, there's no keto bread — but it does offer menu items that fit the low-carb lifestyle. Be careful, though, even some of the chain's soups and salad dressings have too many carbs for most keto dieters, depending on how many carbs you're allowing yourself at each meal.

Also, be wary of foods you think are keto-friendly, but really aren't. If you aren't tied to Panera Bread, there are many other options for keto dining. That said, if your goal is to stay under 12 carbs per meal, it is possible to pull off at this seemingly carb-centric chain.

Panera Bread's keto-friendly menu options

If Panera Bread is simply the place you need to be, don't panic. We did find a few menu options that are keto-friendly with modifications. Instead of ordering the avocado, egg, and spinach bagel, for example, ask for it without the bagel and skip the tomatoes. The Panera Bread menu also includes a chipotle chicken, scrambled egg, and avocado wrap that can easily be made keto by skipping the wrap and going with lettuce instead. You could also opt for the Greek salad or a grilled chicken salad, but they may have more carbs than most keto meals unless you make some additional modifications.

In most cases, salads are fairly low-carb options, as long as you watch out for the dressing and remove the croutons. Be aware, however, that certain vegetables are also off-limits to keto dieters. Unfortunately, the Panera Bread nutrition calculator won't calculate switched-out menu items, making it harder to figure out your carbs when ingredients are removed. Luckily, we've found plenty of other keto fast food options for low-carb eaters, if you're concerned about Panera Bread's choices.