32 Popular Restaurants With Keto Options

Diets seem to come and go, but one that's definitely not going anywhere is the keto diet. From Halle Barry and Gwyneth Paltrow to athletes like LeBron James (via Everyday Health), it seems everyone who's someone has embraced the eating plan at some point. Healthline defines it as "a very low-carb, high-fat diet" in which fewer carbohydrates are consumed in favor of healthy fats. As a result, the body burns fat in lieu of the simple sugars ingested through carbs in a process called ketosis. This is the ideal metabolic state for weight loss but it's also been shown to provide possible relief against cancer and heart disease (via Harvard). The heavy hitters of the keto lineup are chock-full of fats and vital nutrients. They include meat, eggs, seafood, avocado, and non-starchy vegetables, but if you've paid any attention to the media narrative surrounding it, it's usually meat, meat, and more meat. Who wouldn't want to gorge on bacon and eggs all the time? For any foodie worth their salt, it's a dream come true. 

Despite the limitations typically posed by a diet, keto options are actually quite bountiful at restaurants all over the country. You don't have to totally opt-out of happy hour or Sunday brunch, as long as you know what to order and where to look. In fact, many of them are lurking among your favorite chains right now. See for yourself what popular spots are serving — and perfecting — delicious keto options. 

1. Chipotle

When it comes to a high-fat, low-carb meal, Chipotle is probably the most keto-friendly of the bunch. They established themselves as the keto kings when they dropped Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice, and they've taken it a step further with the Lifestyle Bowl. These nutrition-packed meals offer the perfect base for your dietary needs without having to request adjustments that might be difficult to make. It's all in the name, too — no need to search high and low on the menu for healthful offerings. 

It's clear keto options abound at Chipotle, and diners need look no further than the Keto Salad Bowl. With your choice of chicken or steak, each bowl comes loaded with a plethora of leafy greens, Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa, cheese, and guacamole. The Steak Keto Salad Bowl contains a whopping 36 grams of fat and 30 grams of protein (via Chipotle's website). If the craving for rice overwhelms your desire for dietary obedience, never fear — that's where cauliflower rice comes in, which you can use for the base of a delicious burrito bowl (sans the beans, of course). You'll still get all the mouthwatering features of a burrito — the cheese, the avocado, the tender barbacoa beef — but without the carbs weighing it down. Feel free to pile on the toppings, as one serving of the grain-free substitute contains just four net carbs. Now we're eating keto! 

2. Arby's

Contrary to its reputation for having all the meats, Arby's is a popular spot where keto-eaters can gladly — and proudly — eat. How so? When you sift through the mountain of roast beef sandwiches making up the bun-centric menu, you'll actually find the perfect keto option sitting right in front of you: The Roast Chicken Entree Salad. Described as "fresh, filling, and flavorful" (via the Arby's website), it comes with all the calling cards of a high-fat meal. There's juicy chicken, crispy bacon, tomato, and shredded cheddar cheese on top of a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce. And since you're forfeiting the bread, you can feel free to indulge in the creamy Buttermilk Ranch Dressing drizzled on top. 

It's often a safer bet to avoid fast-food salads, as there's so much that can go wrong rather than right — if it's not sad-looking veggies that are either limp or soggy, it's an uninspired concoction we'd rather not see on the menu at all. Yet Arby's appears to be a surprising exception. Another "Market Fresh" option they've carried is the Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad, which received an enthusiastic thumbs-up from Eat This, Not That for being nutritious (13 grams of fat in each salad) and combining two of the best meats: turkey and bacon. Granted, you're not going to see cauliflower rice or a lettuce wrap for miles in this place, but that's okay — we'll take what we can get!

3. Red Robin

We love going to Red Robin for a yum-inducing burger. But let's be real, sesame seed buns are a hard no for any keto diet plan. Same with bottomless fries, as painful as that feels to admit. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your favorite burger with your favorite people during happy hour. The Wedgie Burger trades the starch for a refreshing roll of lettuce wrapped around a juicy beef patty, and the result is tasty without a carb in sight. 

The classic Wedgie Burger comes with all your favorite fixings like tomatoes and red onion, but includes savory upgrades like Hardwood-smoked bacon and house-made guacamole. If we had to pick a holy trinity of keto foods, beef, bacon, and avocado would definitely make our list. One of these lettuce-wrapped marvels contains a solid 34 grams of fat (via Red Robin's website). Most burgers can be ordered wedgie-style, but if you'd rather forgo the wrap and head straight for the meat, order it au naturale and eat it with a knife and fork (we won't judge). 

For another keto-approved bite, you can also grab a plate of the Wisconsin Cheese Curds (via Women's Health) to share with the table. Suddenly bottomless fries don't seem like such a big deal, do they? 

4. P. F. Chang's

Contrary to the rumors swirling around keto, vegetables are a wonderful addition to any high-fat diet. They're low in carbs, but make up for it with high doses of antioxidants, vitamins, and all that good stuff. Nowhere will you find the greens you need more than one of our favorite takeout spots, the Chinese restaurant. P.F. Chang's boasts a variety of veg-heavy bites that not only taste amazing smothered in sauce, but tick all the boxes for keto-friendly fare. 

Diners have raved about Chang's Lettuce Wraps, an appetizer that SheKnows found to be one of the chain's hottest menu items. The starter features crispy lettuce leaves with a veggie or chicken filling and rice sticks to tuck inside. Customizations can get tricky with dietary restrictions, but P.F. Chang's welcomes them with open arms, so you can take out the rice sticks and just enjoy the protein and veg. Fun fact: It's the chain's signature dish made using a "secret family recipe" (via the P.F. Chang's website). Considering that's a secret we'd do anything to know, you can't go wrong with that! 

Another keto option from the popular spot is Asian Caesar Salad with grilled salmon. It comes with fresh romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and toasted sesame seeds — a keto superfood netting just three grams of carbs. Just take out the wonton croutons for a meal staying true to the keto spirit. 

5. Denny's

Diners aren't exactly the pinnacle of healthy eating — the moniker "greasy spoon" is there for a reason — but in reality a paradise of keto options awaits. You've got bacon! Eggs! Breakfast sausage! And all three can be combined into delicious dishes that'll have you stuffed until dinner time. Denny's, otherwise known as America's diner, has you covered with a wide array of options that fit the bill. The Ultimate Omelette is a fantastic choice due to its plethora of toppings like crumbled sausage, beef bacon, and a medley of grilled vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms. Add in a layer of bubbling cheddar cheese, and you'll have a delicious breakfast, no flapjacks and syrup necessary. 

To keep it totally keto, we'd skip the hash browns and bread that comes with it — you'll be saving 24 grams of carbs minus just the spuds, per Denny's website. According to Eat This, Not That, who ranked the Loaded Veggie Omelette as one of the best menu picks, you can get a higher protein intake by ordering it with egg whites. It is less fat, however, which is typically a no-no, but we recommend it if you're looking to add more protein to your diet. The Sirloin Steak with a side of veggies is also a solid option if you plan on stopping by for lunch.  

6. Outback Steakhouse

Where would a list of keto options be without a steakhouse? And who doesn't love a big, juicy steak from Outback? No Bloomin' Onions or baked potatoes are in your future when you hit up the steak chain, but thankfully there are plenty of other options to please your palate. Let's focus on the main reason you go to Outback: to devour a piece of beef as large as your head, on a plate that's somehow even larger. The highly-ranked Bone-In Rib Eye is "the best of the best" that "literally melts in your mouth," per SheKnows. Another reviewer praised the cut as "The BEST Bone-In Rib Eye" that was "cooked to perfection." Just slather on a thick layer of garlic butter, and it's sure to take the place of that crusty bread loaf they always deliver to the table. You'll pare down all the fat, so to speak, and focus your taste buds on the part that matters — the succulent, tender meat. 

But we get it. You also want the sides, since a giant hunk of meat leaking juices can seem monotonous, or even intimidating. For some green, add a delicious veggie side like the Fresh Steamed Mixed Vegetables or grilled asparagus to go with your meal. It'll be low in carbs, but heavy in flavor and texture. You'll feel like a medieval king at a feast, and who wouldn't want to feel like that? 

7. Panera Bread

Panera Bread. It's all in the name, isn't it? From freshly-baked bagels to deli sandwiches, customers will get more than their day's worth of carbs. Yet even with mac and cheese bread bowls and baguettes sidekicks, it's actually possible to follow the keto diet at Panera. You'll just have to go to the salad menu to find it. The Greek Salad is one of the few options that doesn't have croutons or sugary dressings, the big culprits for hidden carbohydrates that lurk in even the healthiest of lettuce beds. It consists of a refreshing blend of Mediterranean toppings and a tangy Greek dressing. Kalamata olives, creamy Feta, and a blend of vegetables like red onion and pepperoncini, add some kick to a simple romaine lettuce salad. It's so zesty and flavorful, the addition of anything extra — croutons, for example — would just feel wrong. According to Panera's website, the salad nets only 15 grams of carbs and a whopping 34 grams of fat. If you'd really like that protein boost, add some grilled chicken into the mix, as Healthline helpfully suggests. It'll bump up the cost of your meal, but it'll leave you feeling full and satisfied, and that's always worth something extra. 

Unfortunately, none of the sides are quite as qualified. Besides obvious offenders like the baguette and chips, an apple isn't much better on the carb count, netting 22 grams. We suggest skipping the extras and sticking to the greens instead. 

8. Subway

The bulk of Subway's menu consists of starch in the bread and sugars in the condiments. And those baked goods at the front counter? Forget about it. 

The Turkey "Cali Fresh" salad is a contender for obvious reasons. It has all the elements of keto-centric cuisine — loads of meat (turkey breast and chopped bacon), healthy fats (smashed avocado and creamy mozzarella cheese), and a colorful toss of garden greens. All of your favorite sandwich toppings mixed into a bowl sounds like a dream, but it's anything but. It's rich in vital nutrients and light on the fillers, allotting the space to really sink your teeth into those savory elements normally associated with indulgence. 

But if you're really craving a sub, fear not — there's a way you can still enjoy your favorite foot-long without sacrificing on what makes it a sub in the first place — the stuff inside. The sandwich chain's Protein Bowls cut out the carbs by offering just the protein and greens of your choice in a bowl. Pick a sub, any sub — Chicken & Bacon Ranch, All-American Club, Steak & Cheese — and you can get it without the hoagie, instead of focusing your taste buds on the "meat" of the matter, so to speak. The Rotisserie-Style Chicken and Tuna are wonderful options for those following a keto diet (via Keto Connect). Between the two, the Rotisserie-Style Chicken boasts the most protein with a staggering 31 grams. 

9. Starbucks

Sugary syrups, carb-heavy creams, and other additives can be found across Starbucks' beverage lineup. In other words, a no-go for the ketogenic discipline. But if you take your morning brew black, then you're already on the right track. According to Taste of Home, drip coffee and unsweetened tea don't have any carbs at all. For a dependable keto option, you won't have a second thought about ordering in the wee hours, skip the drizzle and syrups on your favorite coffee drink. You can't go wrong with the classic Americano, which is simply espresso and water reduced to its basic elements. If this is too plain, ask the barista to add a dash of cream or one of the sugar-free flavorings to your brew. The two flavors they come in — cinnamon dolce and vanilla — will taste like dessert without its baggage. 

As far as edible options go, the pastry case offers nothing for the keto diet, sadly. Sure, there's butter, but it's baked into flaky croissants and sugary cake pops. That's why the snack bar is your best friend. The Creminelli Snack Tray with Sopressata Salami & Monterey Jack is like a portable charcuterie board, while the Country Archer Original Beef Jerky is all-killer, no-filler at a slim 5 grams of carbs (via Starbucks' website). Besides making you feel like an astronaut, the Cheddar Moon Cheese will keep you on track with a single gram of carbs. Normally the front counter is rife with temptations that make all of us do impulsive things, but in this case, go ahead and indulge. 

10. Smoothie King

Smoothies are the superheroes of food, blending all things nutritious into a beverage you can take on the run. They may take the crown for convenience, but hidden in its creamy base are heaps of sugar and artificial additives that won't help you succeed on a keto diet plan. 

If you're serious about staying keto, Smoothie King concocts a line of drinks that are made for the low-carb lifestyle in mind. No need to twist yourself into a pretzel with difficult drink modifications — Smoothie King's already done the work for you. Head on over to the menu's Get Fit Blends where you'll find an array of options jam-packed with nourishing ingredients. Each of the Keto Champ lineup blends keto-friendly protein powder, nutritious nut milks, and natural ingredients like real cocoa to keep you full and satisfied. Consider yourself a gym rat? Then you're in luck on that front: the keto blends are intended for "strength and recovery" (via Smoothie King's website), which would be ideal after an intense jog or afternoon iron-pumping sesh. 

You can choose between three flavors: Keto Champ Coffee, Keto Champ Berry, and Keto Champ Chocolate. For instance, the Keto Champ Coffee blends cold brew and keto-friendly protein together with almond milk, almond butter, and pure cocoa. All three are winners, taste and nutrition-wise, but the 20-ounce Keto Champ Coffee reigns supreme on the carb front with just 14 grams of carbs (via Smoothie King's website). Add in 31 grams of protein, and it'll keep you energized throughout the day. 

11. Olive Garden

Ah, Olive Garden. Where bottomless breadsticks and pasta forge an unholy alliance of starch-laden proportions. It's good news for high-school track teams and fellow carb-lovers, but not for those navigating the dietary plains of a high-fat, no-carb diet. After all, a keto lifestyle allots for slightly under 50 grams of carbs per day, so you have to choose wisely. Olive Garden surprised us with its share of keto-friendly dishes that aren't just plain old salad. The key to eating keto here is focusing on lean meats and veggies, as well as a generous amount of fat. Anyone on the keto diet knows what that means: butter and cream sauces are on the menu! 

No point even attempting to work with the pasta. To find anything remotely keto-approved, venture over to the menu's gluten-sensitive section. The Herb Grilled Salmon is a tasty seafood dish, a "filet grilled to perfection" with crunchy broccoli and ample garlic herb butter to top things off. Grilled Chicken Margherita gives you the best of both worlds with a cheese-encrusted chicken breast loaded with tomatoes and pesto. Even better, it comes doused in a lemon garlic sauce you'll wish you could swim in (well, not literally). The entree comes with a side of parmesan garlic broccoli, but past dishes have featured parmesan-crusted zucchini as the supporting role, which is just as delicious. For a refreshing salad, The Famous House Salad can be ordered without croutons — just request the dressing on the side. 

12. Panda Express

Breading, grains, and carb-heavy sauces feature heavily at Chinese restaurants, and Panda Express is no exception. But Friday night takeout doesn't have to be unseasoned chicken with soggy greens. Go for entrees containing lighter sauces and higher amounts of fat and protein. You'll find many of these on the chain's "Wok Fresh" menu, or a leap away from the infamously carb-laden Orange Chicken

For a bowl, order the Broccoli Beef or String Bean Chicken — both contain between 9 and 11 grams of carbs and won't break the bank on your dietary guidelines (via Ketogenic). The Black Pepper Angus Steak is a smorgasbord of meat and vegetables suspended in a spicy black pepper sauce. In place of rice, order with a serving of Super Greens. It's a cheerful array of veggies we're told as children are good for us — kale, cabbage, and broccoli — and possesses high nutritional value. While they're not totally carb-free, the fact that they're cruciferous makes them a step above their starch-ridden counterparts. We can admit it's not as fun as fried rice, but the combination of grilled meats and vegetables is a staple for a reason. And if you needed the reassurance that you're making the right choice, skipping chow mein will save you a whopping 80 grams of carbs (via Panda Express' website). High levels of sodium abound and aren't particularly healthy in the long run with sauces, so keep that in mind.

13. LongHorn Steakhouse

The secret to eating keto outside the limits of your home kitchen? Go to a steakhouse. It's no mystery meat-centric eateries hold the key to the keto diet: ample cuts of animal flesh, a variety of different vegetables, all of which are seasoned and grilled to perfection. It also doesn't hurt that it's basically an excuse to consume lots of butter. And who doesn't want to do that? 

LongHorn Steakhouse provides an extensive spread of meats ideal for anyone on the path of ketosis. The menu is customizable in that picking your own sides is routine, so you won't be forced to concoct some makeshift menu item. Obviously, the bread will be off the table, as will potatoes of all kinds, but in its place will be a rainbow-esque array of veggies that'll taste just as good!

For a dinner that fits the bill, Ribeye Steak or Cowboy Porkchops are classic in that they're tastefully seasoned and go swimmingly with whatever seasonal greens are available. We never pass up broccoli, but for an elevated touch, you can't go wrong with the fresh steamed asparagus. Another great way to eat keto is embracing the surf and turf. Flo's Filet, which comes equipped with a 6-ounce steak and a lobster tail, got a thumb's up from Eat This, Not That due to its low carb count and source of vitamins and protein. It's a keto dish in everything but name! 

14. TGI Fridays

Who knew your favorite joint for loaded potato skins isn't keto-friendly? TGI Fridays, that hallowed happy hour hangout, goes big on the grease and even bigger on the starch. Practically all items are breaded in some type of bread crumb or slathered in barbecue sauce. Not exactly a place that'll have "keto diet welcome" plastered on the front door. 

But it can be done, as long as you know where to look on the menu. For apps, avoid the potstickers and grab a round of Traditional Wings for the table. The Frank's Buffalo variety is a sure bet at zero carbs and goes down smooth with ranch dressing, the ideal vehicle for consuming the sauce. When it's time to order, choose the Million Dollar Cobb Salad. Besides feeling like a million bucks when you order it, the ingredients tying it together are pure gold. On a bed of mixed greens, you'll find creamy avocado and grilled chicken alongside blue cheese, chopped bacon and eggs, and a melange of crisp veggies. Of course, ranch dressing comes with it, but blue cheese and Caesar works as well and you'll receive it on the side so you can control how much you put on. A famous low-carb option as we all know, it only contains 2 grams of the stuff, so drizzle away. Since it's a higher-calorie meal, Everyday Health suggests ordering the half-sized portion to offset the amount of food you'd be receiving. Duly noted!

15. Dunkin'

Unless you're already hopelessly addicted to black coffee, getting your daily caffeine boost as a keto-follower can be tough. Excess sugars and carbs lurk among even the most benign of customizations, and a pump of syrup here or there will definitely add up over time. Dunkin' offers an easy way to scale back on the carbs while enjoying your morning brew: flavor shots. Different from flavor swirls, the flavor shot is a sugar-free, low-calorie substance you can add to your beverage to brighten up an ordinary cup of coffee (via Dunkin's website). Did we mention they're also non-dairy? An ordinary cup of coffee will be transformed with the addition of hazelnut, blueberry, vanilla, and more. Just think of all the combinations you can create! However, be careful not to mix them up with flavor swirls, which pack between 150 and 160 calories a pump. 

As far as what to order, any coffee or tea should be good, as long as you keep it plain. A hot coffee with light cream, an unsweetened iced tea, or iced coffee with the flavor shots of your choice is just as delicious as any caramel swirl concoction. Pro tip: bring your own sweetening packet. PopSugar Fitness raves about Stevia as a great addition to your morning fuel if you're craving something sweet. Taking things into your own hands has its benefits — you don't risk a barista with a heavy hand adding more than desired, and you get the satisfaction of mixing the perfect drink. 

16. Chick-fil-A

Fried chicken is the enemy of low-carb diets, as evident by the popularity of Chick-fil-a. If customers aren't swarming the drive-thru for chicken sandwiches and waffle fries, they're reaching for one of its signature shakes as a post-dinner treat. Chicken nuggets, one of its specialties, tend to be breaded chunks of deep fried chicken. While part of the delight in chicken nuggets is the crispy exterior, they're heavy with starch that's less than ideal for a keto plan. 

Yet you never hear much about its naked counterpart, the grilled nugget. And we're here to tell you, for how widespread the keto diet has become, this is a sleeping giant. A somewhat recent development in the chicken giant's history, the nuggets are juicy, tender breast pieces coated in lemon and herbs. Think the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, minus the bun and toppings. It's the perfect low-carb lunch at just 2 grams for an 8-piece order (via Chick-fil-a's website). No wonder the chicken chain is so proud of its creation — they taste just as delicious as its original nuggets, and those are hard to beat!

Of course, no Chick-fil-A trip is complete without one of its myriad dipping sauces, so snag some Zesty Buffalo or Garden Herb Ranch to pair with them. These flavorful sauces are the perfect companion to grilled chicken, with practically no carbs to be seen. Most of the beverages are sodas, but a cup of THRIVE Farmers Coffee will always do the trick in keeping those carbohydrates at bay. 

17. Bonefish Grill

At this point, you're probably seeing a pattern: lean meats plus low-carb vegetables plus high fats (hello, butter) equals a tasty, keto-ready meal. After all, it's a combination that's guaranteed to work, and with how difficult it can be dining out on a diet, anything that doesn't take much stretching is a win in our books. Bonefish Grill fires up an assortment of keto options on the daily, courtesy of the menu's freshly-grilled lineup (via Women's Health Mag). 

"From the Wood-Fired Grill" offers an array of succulent seafood cuts, paired with whatever greens happen to be in season. Any of the dishes happily fall under the keto category, but for the sake of choosing one, we'd go with the Rainbow Trout or Chilean Sea Bass. Besides being melt-in-your-mouth delicious, they contain exactly zero carbs and high amounts of healthy fats. The Rainbow Trout in particular harbors 63 grams of protein (via Bonefish Grill's website). Even the Mahi-Mahi (Dorado) with its 3 grams of carbs would be a great pick, considering it falls way below your carb limit for the day. Anytime we can fit a tasty salmon filet into our lifestyle is good enough for us!

As for the garnish, diners can select a lemon wedge or one of the Signature Sauces to complete the meal. The Lemon Butter or Chimichurri Sauce are no-brainers at 1-2 net carbs, give or take. 

18. KFC

The home of Kentucky Fried Chicken, along with carbs by the bucketful — literally. No one reading this probably expected to see Colonel Sanders in any capacity, except to use the menu as a warning. However, many restaurants are taking heed of dietary restrictions by rolling out exciting new products, and KFC can be included in that esteemed group with a pretty genius upgrade. Case in point: Kentucky Grilled Chicken. 

As Thrillist points out, the fried chicken empire does have a low-carb option, one that's impressively fitting for a keto lifestyle. It's the lightweight counterpart to its battered cousin, only it swaps the deep-fried skin for tender, grilled chicken pieces. All the cuts are offered — the breast, the thigh, the drumsticks — so you can take home a whole spread. When placing an online order, you'll select "Kentucky Grilled Chicken" from its selection of recipes or request it at the drive-thru. Really, it isn't much different from the crispy selections the Colonel is famous for. It's the same delicious chicken, only without the breading. Knowing you're still getting the "secret recipe" makes it just as indulgent as the real thing, don't you think? 

Meanwhile, you're going to need some sides to go with it. Most of the Homestyle Sides are off the table — yes, that includes the biscuits, corn, and potato salad — except for one: the green beans. An individual portion has 25 calories and just 5 net carbs, which increases by 10 if you spring for the Family Size (via KFC's website). 

19. In-N-Out Burger

Craving a juicy burger with all the fixings? No need to skip the drive-thru if you're on the keto diet. If you know anything about In-N-Out, you'll know that they have a customizable menu famous for producing some clever combinations. It's a perk that favors the ketogenic diet, and one you should lean into the next time you hit up the retro burger stop. 

Peruse the not-so-secret menu for quick bites that are not-so-secretly keto (via Serious Eats). The Protein Style Cheeseburger, for example, tosses the toasted bun for a crunchy sheath of wedge lettuce, cutting your carbs to only 11 net grams as opposed to 39 (via In-N-Out's website). Not only is the carb-count low, but the lettuce recreates the crunch of the buttery bun, which is crucial for a delicious burger. If you find the lettuce wrap a distraction from the main attraction, look no further than the Flying Dutchman. This meat-packed behemoth takes two juicy beef patties and stuffs two American cheese slices in between, thus creating the ultimate meat sandwich, and by proxy, the ultimate keto specialty. Utilizing the meat as a bun isn't anything new in fast food –remember the Double Down? — but that doesn't make In-N-Out's creation any less special. You don't have to go keto to appreciate this as what it is: a culinary masterpiece. 

20. Jersey Mike's

Say it's keto without saying it's keto. That's what happens when you order the Sub in a Tub from Jersey Mike's. It takes all your favorite sandwich toppings –the meats, the cheeses, the crisp veggies — and dumps them into a plastic carton, sans the bread. Now, a plastic tub of cold cuts and condiments may not sound super sophisticated. But when it comes to a sandwich shop, we're not talking about presentation. We don't want style over substance. We want a place that provides a menu for any keto-lover to confidently order from. And boy do they deliver. 

Besides being the one acceptable time you can eat a sandwich with a fork, it drastically reduces your carb consumption. A regular Mike's Famous Philly has over 65 net carbs, but whittles down to under 13 when you take away the roll (via Jersey Mike's website). It already features a keto blueprint with savory steak and White American Cheese, but swapping out the bread really does make a difference. The Club Supreme is another fabulous option with just 8 carbs and 48 grams of protein due to the variety of meats and creamy Swiss Cheese. If you're extra hungry, you can also request additional toppings to round out your bowl (via Hip2Keto). 

21. Blaze Pizza

Finding popular restaurants with keto options is a hard task. Finding pizza joints with keto options is even harder. But Blaze Pizza is, well, blazing the trail for keto-centric cuisine: in 2019, it staked a claim as the first pizza chain to offer a keto pizza crust, changing the game for pizza-lovers everywhere who crave the doughy dinner staple without the fillers. Cauliflower and flaxseed take the place of flour and uses mozzarella cheese and eggs to recreate the bread-y sensation of a normal crust. Pizza is all about the toppings, anyway, so why not focus your calories on the best part — the toppings? And since it's customizable, you get to decide what goes on and what stays off. No picking around the crust, here. 

Building your own pie is doable, but thankfully the chain offers some varieties you can order without a second thought. The Keto Pizza is the obvious winner. It piles red sauce, mozzarella cheeses, bacon, cherry tomatoes, spinach, and mushrooms onto one of its signature keto crusts. A single slice has 150 calories and 4 grams of carbs (via Blaze Pizza's website). For a real Friday night treat, there's the Protein Pizza, which features three kinds of meat — chicken, ham, and Italian meatball — on top of a bed of mozzarella cheese, onions, and peppers. It's a meat-lovers dream. Did we mention the keto crust only comes in 11-inch rounds, aka the personal-sized pizza? More for you, we guess!

22. Popeyes

The peak contender for the chicken sandwich wars, it's no mystery Popeyes doesn't offer much in the way of low-carb fare. But the Louisiana Kitchen has been known to tweak its menu from time to time, resulting in some unexpected surprises. We'd say the Blackened Chicken Tenders is one of them. It's an easy one to forget when scanning the brightly-lit orange and white menu of pure carbs and sodium but for those following the keto diet, you'll want to put it in the back of your pocket the next time you hit the drive-thru. 

So what makes the Blackened Chicken Tenders different from the regular tenders? For one, the succulent white meat tenders abandon the deep-fryer for a generous coating of the spot's signature Cajun seasonings. In exchange for the crunchy breading, your taste buds will be treated to a flavorful spice blend that's actually, well, spicy (via Brand Eating), with 2 net carbs to spare for a 3-piece order (via Popeyes' website). The 3-piece regular tenders, on the other hand, boast 29 net carbs and almost 2,000 milligrams of sodium. Not only will you be saving yourself a lot of salt and starch (and bloating, by that measure), but you'll also enjoy the mouthwatering chicken Popeyes has become world-famous for. To achieve the ultimate soul food heaven, grab a side of seasoned green beans and an unsweetened iced tea to finish off the meal. 

23. Texas Roadhouse

Seeking keto options at popular restaurants can sometimes feel like the wild west. No order and all chaos, two things you don't want when eating out with your buds on a Friday night. But the Texas Roadhouse menu goes big on offerings that embrace the low-carb lifestyle, with enough variety to fill your plate. 

The key to ordering from the Southwestern-inspired chain is going back to basics. A grilled meat, a green, and some savory sauce low in sugar will be your best bet for a relatively light meal. The Grilled Salmon served with lemon pepper butter is a tasty way to go low-carb, while the Herb Crusted Chicken compensates with an herb and spice blend that'll have you forget about wanting or needing breading. Prices do depend on your neck of the woods, but for a steakhouse franchise as popular as the Roadhouse, we're pleased to say it won't break the bank. According to Keto Connect, which praises its "reasonably-priced" portions, the menu spread makes it ideal for anyone following a low-carb, high-fat diet since the plates are pretty simple: a cut of meat, a veggie, and you're good to go!

The best part about ordering here is the sides. Compared to most eateries, the Roadhouse offers a solid roundup the keto crowd can happily partake in. You have green beans with crispy pieces of bacon. You have sauteed mushrooms. You have fresh vegetables. All crowd-pleasers in their own right, if you ask us. 

24. Buffalo Wild Wings

What's happy hour without a basket of chicken wings and blue cheese dipping sauce? Anyone who camps out at Buffalo Wild Wings for game day shenanigans with friends goes for the greasy bites as much as the jumbo screens. Keto dieters can rejoice, however, because your favorite tailgate appetizer is also a suitable keto option. BBW famously coats its wings in beef tallow instead of oil, unlike most wing joints, and while frying is typically looked down on for keto dieters, the result is a solidly low-carb offering. Not to mention the plethora of dry rubs and dipping sauces you get to choose from ensures peak flavor, while saddled with fewer additives than the standard chicken nuggets or tenders. 

Let's take the Traditional Chicken Wings, one of the best options here. With your pick of mild, medium, or hot sauces, a snack-sized portion harbors between 1-3 grams of carbs while dry seasonings have little to no carbs at all. Just add your choice of creamy dressing, crisp celery sticks, and BAM — you've got yourself a light keto-approved meal. There's also the Chopped Cobb Salad, which is high in protein with bacon, pulled chicken, and hardboiled egg. High-fat ranch dressing will tie it together, though you can always request it on the side to be safe.

A warning on the wings: avoid the "boneless" variety. Though similar in appearance, their breaded exterior makes them no different from the standard-issue chicken nugget, which is definitely not keto. 

25. Red Lobster

Seafood is famously low in carbs, which is why Red Lobster caught our eye. If you pass up the Cheddar Bay Biscuits (sob), you'll find a sea of keto-friendly eats tailor-made for the low-carb palate. There's the Garlic Shrimp Scampi, which recreates your favorite Italian dish without the pasta. You'll get to enjoy a plate of seasoned shrimp suspended in a mouthwatering garlicky butter sauce, which offers a solid 35 grams of fat and none of the starch you'd otherwise get from the noodles. Then there's the  Wild-Caught Snow Crab Legs, which features succulent crabmeat with aromatic lemon and butter for dipping. For the side dishes, swap out the spuds for steamed broccoli or a house salad, sans the croutons. You could even spring for coleslaw for a relatively low carb count (via Red Lobster's website). Simply put, this seafood restaurant is swimming in fresh fish and pools of butter, and we are not mad about it in the slightest. 

Yahoo also highlights the Today's Catch menu, which typically showcases trim filets that are light on the carbohydrates and calories to match. Choices change by the day, but you can count on the nutritional value staying the same, no matter what's on the menu. Currently, you can enjoy Atlantic Salmon or Rainbow Trout, with the addition of two delectable sides, of course. 

26. Noodles & Company

Since we're all addicted to pasta around these parts, it goes without saying that a low-carb diet doesn't include them. "Zoodles," otherwise known as zucchini noodles, have been on-trend for a while as a carb-less substitute for noodles, and it's no wonder Noodles & Company has incorporated them into keto-friendly fare that's light as it is delicious. 

There are two keto-approved dishes on the menu, which is a rarity in fast casual dining and one we welcome with open arms. Plus, they're absolutely tasty. The Zucchini Pesto with Grilled Chicken, which combines the veggie spirals with chicken, mushrooms, tomato, and parm into a garlicky, creamy pesto sauce. It has all the trappings of your favorite Italian meal, except with a smaller carb count–a small portion contains only 6 grams, per Noodles & Company's website. The Zucchini Alfredo MontAmore with Grilled Chicken is a lot like the former, only it features a four-cheese Alfredo sauce, a dash of pepper, and the addition of MontAmore cheese. Who said pasta couldn't be healthy?

Zucchini noodles can take the place of other pastas for added cost, but these mods might not be necessary. Customers will have no trouble spotting the keto-approved plates on the menu, since they're labeled as such. Other dietary disciplines like paleo and gluten-sensitive are also represented, covering a wide swath of culinary habits that'll please everyone in your group. 

27. Shake Shack

Nothing beats a mouthwatering burger with crinkle-cut fries from Shake Shack. Yet the classic American meal is a greasy slap in the face to anything resembling the ketogenic diet. According to WebMD, keto-dieters consuming the standard 2,000 calories should allot no more than 40 net carbs per day. A Martin's Potato Roll, the chain's signature bun of choice, contains 24 carbs alone, and that's before counting the ones hidden in the barbecue sauce and ketchup. Yet there's an easy solution here, and it's an innovation that's directly resulted from the low-carb lifestyle: the lettuce wrap.

Shake Shack fans can make their favorite sandwich keto by swapping the bread for a crisp lettuce wedge. According to the restaurant's nutritional guide, by taking the bun away, you erase 205 calories. Forgoing the bun allows some wiggle room with the toppings, so embrace the zesty Shack Sauce for a tasty, keto-friendly treat. You can even add on some healthy fats like avocado or chopped bacon at an additional cost. The SmokeShack Burger does the work for you since it has smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, and melted American cheese — a dressed up bacon cheeseburger, basically. Since you're already abandoning the bun, why not go wild with the toppings? As long as you stay away from the French fries and frozen custard, you'll be golden. 

28. Jimmy John's

No need to cross sandwich shops off in your quest for keto eats. The next time you pop over to Jimmy John's for your favorite sub, ask them to make it an Unwich. A name like Unwich connotes something lacking, and that doesn't sound very appealing on its face. But for the keto diet, it's actually a gain. According to the chain's nutrition info, any sandwich made using a lettuce wrap in lieu of the bread automatically cuts carbs to 10 grams or under and reduces total carbs by up to 80%. Eighty percent, y'all. That includes both hot and cold subs too, so take your pick! 

The Beach Club is a great choice, packing turkey, provolone cheese, and avocado with an assortment of crunchy veggies (lettuce, tomato, cucumber). The Club Lulu, which is your classic BLT with turkey, slashes carbs by over 50% when ordered as an Unwich (via Jimmy John's website). Of course, some choices are better than others. Leaner cuts like turkey breast or chicken are preferable to processed cold cuts, and sticking to low-carb oils and sauces is key. But with some minor adjustments, a stop by JJ's on your lunch break can be as easy as 1-2-3. 

29. Chili's

With high-fat entrees served in huge portions, restaurants like Chili's seem ideal for the keto diet in mind. But for all the meat-heavy menu items they have, there's rice, bread, and sugars rearing to throw you off track from appetizers to the main course. Despite what the majority of the menu shows, a trip to Chili's doesn't have to only be deep fried chicken and barbecue ribs. 

Skim over to the menu's "Guiltless Grill" section, where you'll find a selection of lighter entrees with plentiful protein sources and vegetables. Not only do they scream keto, but they're filling and promise loads of flavor. The Classic Sirloin — in 6-ounce or 10-ounce cuts, respectively — with Grilled Avocado and roasted asparagus is tailor-made for the keto palate. Added with creamy avocado, one of the diet's superfoods, you get a healthy dose of fat at 7 grams. Honestly, you couldn't come up with a better keto meal if you tried. For another fool-proof option when hunger is running high, try ordering a standard rib-eye or dry-rub ribs with your pick of low-carb sides, like steamed broccoli. It may not be the most exciting thing to have at happy hour, but it's a guaranteed keto slam-dunk. To keep the hunger at bay, bone-in buffalo wings are a great source of fat and protein, WebMD states. 

30. Boston Market

Comfort food chains like Boston Market are deceptive in that many menu items are healthy-ish (rotisserie chicken, turkey breast) but stand side-by-side with biscuits, corn, and gravy-soaked spuds. And we all know how well that works for a keto plan (as in, not at all). But there's a way to get around the starch, if you can believe it. With the customizable nature of the menu, keto diners don't have to give up Sunday dinner so long as they know where to look. 

When filling your plate, skip past the breading and go straight for the grilled meats. Specifically the dark meat. Not only is dark meat tender and savory, but it has more nutritional value than white meat, particularly in protein and unsaturated fats, as Business Insider explains. A 3-piece dark meat platter with fresh steamed vegetables and a Caesar salad (minus the croutons) makes for a filling lunch loaded with protein. But if you prefer the juicy turkey breast, we won't stop you. Be sure to also check out the "Healthier Choices" section for low-carb fare as well — over 100 combinations are available to choose from. The restaurant's tagline, "Food You Can Feel Good About" can go two ways, in our opinion: the warm hug in flavor that is comfort food like fresh rotisserie chicken and house-made sides; and the calories. For the keto diet, we're glad to say it lives up to both. 

31. BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Deep dish pizzas and garlic knots make wonderful shareables, but they have no place in a keto diet. Unless they're made of keto-friendly ingredients like eggs and cheese, which in that case we'd say dig in. But you're not going to find that at BJ's Restaurant, unfortunately, as the majority of the menu is breaded into oblivion. Telling you to avoid carbs and starch at BJ's seems almost comical–what else is there besides carbs and starch? You can't exactly pick apart a mozzarella stick, though we welcome the challenge if anyone would like to take a crack at it. 

That's why the easy way to go is to stick to the basics. Focus on unobstructed meat cuts and heartier produce to keep you full and happy. The Double Bone-In Pork Chop or 14-ounce Rib-Eye Steak are tasteful cuts that are heavy on protein and sophisticated enough that you won't feel like a caveman chowing down on a turkey leg. Pair it with any of the nourishing veggie sides they have to offer, including roasted asparagus or sauteed green beans. The broccoli florets, Ketofoodist shows, are a great source of nutrients with just 2 net carbs to spare. The Atlantic Salmon is another low-carb pick, granted you swap the rice pilaf for extra greens in its place. 

32. Ruby Tuesday

Another underrated option for the keto-minded? The humble salad bar. It's always been a popular spot for loading up on bottomless veggies, but the keto diet may be giving it its proper due. Should you find yourself in a Ruby Tuesday for family dinner, make your way over to their claim to fame, the Garden Bar. Harboring dozens of possibilities, keto-lovers can hit up the appetizingly-named buffet for a wide array of mixed greens, cheeses, and dressings at any of its locations to dress up their dream salad. Garnishes like nuts are rich in protein and add the irresistible crunch herby croutons normally give.

Off the regular menu, we recommend the Chicken Fresco plate for something beyond a salad. Even looking at the name, you know it's going to be good and wholesome. Two pieces of grilled chicken sport a tangy balsamic vinaigrette dressing in lemon butter and tomato. Plus, you can pick from a variety of sides that mesh well with the diet, among them grilled zucchini, green beans, and broccoli. In a sea of double-baked potato skins and cheesy pasta, we welcome any starchless side we can get, and Ruby's has a more than a varied selection. The Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin is a zesty twist on the usual steak that would also fare well with the greens listed above.