Where To Find The Absolute Best Deviled Eggs In America, According To Customers

Usually served as an appetizer, deviled eggs have successfully won over Americans' hearts. Made from halved, hard-boiled egg whites filled with a creamy blend of egg yolk and other ingredients like mayo, mustard, and horseradish, the small bites are famous for their smooth texture and rich flavor. Better still, modern takes on the dish often incorporate unexpected ingredients like bacon, truffle oil, and even caviar.

Perhaps unexpectedly, the history of deviled eggs dates as far back as ancient Rome, when the more affluent members of the populace would serve their guests boiled eggs with seasoning. The dish was also popular in 13th-century Spain, where it was normally made with peppers, cilantro, coriander, onion, and a sauce called murri, which was made from fermented fish or barley. Interestingly, the term "deviled" first appeared in writing in 1786; it referred to spicy dishes before the term was gradually woven into the culinary vocabulary. Despite their long history, deviled eggs didn't make their way to the U.S. until the 19th century, with the first recipe for the dish appearing in a Montgomery, Alabama publication in 1877.

In an effort to bring you a list of the best restaurants where you can sample the bite-sized morsels, we've researched hundreds of different establishments that offer the dish, looking at both ingredients and customer reviews. If you want to learn about our selection process, check out our methodology at the end. Got a hankering for a creamy serving of deviled eggs? You're in the right place!

Mignonette in Miami

Mignonette is a haven for seafood aficionados. The restaurant doesn't just serve a huge range of shellfish and other marine delicacies, it also incorporates them into unique and surprising creations. Mignonette's deviled eggs are proof of this. Rich and filling, the appetizer comes with chunks of Maine lobster and is seasoned with smoked paprika and chives. For an extra touch of decadence, diners can also top these morsels of goodness with caviar for an additional charge. The restaurant serves three types of caviar — osetra, Siberian baerii, and kaluga — however, we can't be sure which one you can expect to appear on your eggs.

The restaurant's deviled eggs have received an unequivocal "Yes" from diners. One customer wrote on Yelp that they will definitely go back to the restaurant, adding, "We especially loved the lobster deviled eggs (which we ordered twice and ALMOST a third time)." Another reviewer seconded this, saying, "[The] deviled eggs were perfect, I'd probably grab those every time I go there going forward, and I don't even like deviled eggs." According to yet another customer, the bite-sized snacks are loaded with generous chunks of lobster, so you can rest assured that you're not just getting a delicious treat, but also a bang for your buck.


(305) 374-4635

210 NE 18th St., Miami, FL 33132

Tuome in New York City

Deviled eggs aren't normally crispy or spicy; however, Tuome's take on the classic appetizer is an exception. To be more specific, the restaurant's deviled egg halves are deep fried in panko and prepared with a fusion of east-meets-west ingredients. The mastermind behind the creation, Thomas Chen, told the Michelin Guide in 2019 that he "wanted to make a simple ingredient shine," adding, "Something as simple as an egg can be transformed into a special dish. The hot crispy egg white and creamy yolk creates a nice balance of texture. We use bread and butter pickles in the yolk mixture which has a sweetness that goes well with the chile garlic sauce."

Diners should expect a lot from deviled eggs served at a Michelin-starred restaurant, and Tuome doesn't disappoint. Pete Wells, who reviewed the restaurant for The New York Times when it first opened in 2014, described its deviled eggs as a "collision of church-picnic-style eggs with a Chinese condiment," adding that he was impressed with the mixture of the appetizer's temperatures and textures. More recent diners have also praised the dish, with one customer writing on Yelp, "Great deviled egg with such a light and fluffy filling. Liked the crispy touch. Usually I don't go for deviled eggs, but this was one of the better ones I have tried."


(646) 833-7811

536 E 5th St., New York, NY 10009

Ocean Prime, multiple locations

People don't often expect much imagination or precision from the dishes made at chain restaurants. As for Ocean Prime's deviled eggs, however, its staff believes that "the devil is in the details," as they wrote on Facebook. Perhaps this is what makes the hard-boiled egg halves so tasty. Listed alongside other appetizers such as Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli and Ahi Tuna Tartare, Ocean Prime's deviled eggs come topped with white truffle and caviar. Beautifully presented, the light and airy appetizer elevates an old classic to a gourmet level.

The word "amazing" pops up often in online reviews of Ocean Prime's deviled eggs. One enthused diner wrote on Yelp that they still dream about the chain's version of the dish, adding that if you only get one thing at the restaurant, it should be the stuffed eggs. Another Yelp reviewer called the deviled eggs "awesome," saying that they featured "an unexpectedly delicious combination" of ingredients. In addition, several other happy diners described the dish as "decadent," "tasty," and "beyond wonderful."


(614) 416-2582

4002 Easton Station, Columbus, OH 43219

La Grande Orange in Los Angeles

Nestled in the restored Del Mar Train Station building that dates back to 1934, and placed alongside Luggage Room Pizzeria and the Otis Bar, La Grande Orange has seen its fair share of diners since the restaurant first opened in 2008. The eatery's varied menu features a plethora of hearty and simple dishes such as tuna tartare, Caesar salad, and eggs Benedict.

Like many of La Grande Orange's other creations, its deviled eggs are also surprisingly simple. Rather than being piped out in neat swirls, the boiled egg yolks are spooned onto the whites in a haphazard yet generous fashion. While the menu doesn't provide much detail about its ingredients, according to Food GPS, the dish is made with a pickle relish, as well as mayo, basil, minced chives, and hot sauce. Plus, carnivores can opt to garnish their deviled eggs with bacon.

Diners have applauded La Grande Orange's take on deviled eggs. In 2017, The Unvegan described the dish as "nothing flashy" but "perfectly executed." One Yelp reviewer was also partial to the dish, writing, "If you order nothing else, order the deviled eggs! I'm not usually a fan, but these are so good." Yet another deviled-egg convert on the site agreed, commenting, "You need to try their deviled eggs. Something that I have never liked or ordered but I tried it here and. ... Was pleasantly surprised."


(626) 356-4444

260 S Raymond Ave., Pasadena, CA 91105

Katana Kitten in New York City

Katana Kitten is renowned for its highballs, signature cocktails, and imaginative boilermakers (beer and shot combos), such as the Ichi Mas, which is infused with lager and Toki Japanese whisky. While food may not be the star of Katana Kitten's menu, what it does offer is just as creative as its beverages. The restaurant serves a range of sandos or crustless Japanese-style sandwiches like the Katana Kitten Grilled Cheese with muenster, Parmesan dust, furikake, nori, and sesame. Listed in the small bites section, alongside Sticky Soy Garlic Wings and Popcorn Fujimi Chicken, the restaurant's Deviled Eggs feature Japanese mustard, white miso, chives, and salmon roe.

Robert Simonson, who reviewed Katana Kitten for Punch in 2019, complimented the texture of the bar's deviled eggs, describing the appetizer as "lush" and "silky-smooth." Another clearly impressed Yelp diner called the bite-sized morsels "life," recommending, "Get them. Then get them again." Along similar lines, several other satisfied customers wrote that the venue's version of deviled eggs is "solid," "delicious," and "worth it."


(347) 866-7739

531 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014

The Montauk in Scottsdale, Arizona

Those looking for the best deviled eggs — and a taste of the Hamptons — in Scottsdale, Arizona would do well to make a beeline for The Montauk. Inspired by the high-end seaside community, the restaurant serves such delicious-sounding dishes as Bacon Balsamic Chicken, Tequila Lime Shrimp, and Beluga Lentil Hummus. The Montauk also offers shared plates, like the aforementioned deviled eggs, which are dressed with bacon and truffle oil and served with arugula and potato sticks (which may be similar to the simple potato cheese sticks that TikTok couldn't stop craving).

The deviled eggs at The Montauk have received the thumbs-up from plenty of patrons. Leah Lemoine, who reviewed the restaurant for Phoenix in 2021, said that despite normally not being fond of eggs, the little orbs "looked so good I was almost tempted to face my oeuf aversion." Those who've tried the dish have said that they weren't disappointed, with OutVoices describing the dish as "creamy and flavorful" and perfect for sharing in 2017. Just as impressed, several reviewers on Yelp have called the egg halves "delish," "tasty," and "amazing."


(480) 994-1888

4360 N Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Deviled Egg Co, multiple locations

Perhaps the only restaurant in the world that specializes in deviled eggs, the aptly named Deviled Egg Co. features two locations — one in Denison, Texas and the other in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded by Raechel Van Buskirk, the restaurant has both classic and out-of-the-box deviled egg offerings. Furthermore, Deviled Egg Co. bills itself as a "health-driven company," with menu options that cater to different dietary preferences and restrictions.

So, what's on the menu? The simplest option is the traditional deviled eggs with mayo and Dijon. From there, the menu takes a more creative turn with Buffalo Chicken Ranch, Crab Rangoon, and Walking Taco deviled eggs. According to the restaurant's website, Van Buskirk's personal favorite is Chicken Caesar with chicken, Caesar dressing, lettuce, Parmesan cheese, and croutons.

The eggy creations of Deviled Egg Co. have received rave reviews from diners, who seem to appreciate both the restaurant's creativity and its varied menu offerings. One customer recommended the eatery's deviled eggs on Yelp, writing, "Every time I have had one of these deviled eggs, it is just absolutely fantastic. I love how they are able to create so many fun and unique flavors based around a classic!" Another diner concurred, writing, "Never make your own deviled eggs again! This place has an amazing creative selection of deviled eggs to choose from."


(531) 213-2946

18111 Q St. #102, Omaha, NE 68135

Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis

Despite its name, Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis bears no connection to either the television show of the same name or Gordon Ramsay. Instead, the venue is an employee-owned venture with "damn good food," according to its website. And while this website quotes a diner who raved about the restaurant's "sell-your-soul-to-the-devil amazing" lemon ricotta pancakes, Hell's Kitchen is no one-trick pony. Aside from its all-day breakfast, the restaurant serves a range of salads, wraps, soups, tacos, burgers, sandwiches, and meaty mains. The starter menu is equally impressive, featuring deviled eggs garnished with candied bacon and paprika.

The deviled eggs at Hell's Kitchen come highly recommended, with one diner writing on Yelp, "You can't go to Hell's Kitchen and not even try the devil's own culinary masterpiece. I'm hit or miss on deviled eggs usually. These were a total hit for me." Another deviled-egg fan on the site agreed, calling the restaurant's version of the dish almost as good as their grandmother's — a sure seal of approval. Several other happy customers on both Yelp and TripAdvisor described the starter as "excellent," "tasty," and "delicious."


(612) 332-4700

80 S 9th St., Minneapolis, MN 55402

Rye in Kansas City

With two locations in Kansas City — one in Leawood and the other in the Country Club Plaza — Rye has seen unequivocal success since first opening its doors in 2012. While the restaurant's menu focuses on classic Midwestern recipes made with quality ingredients, what's also abundantly clear is that both chicken and eggs play a starring role at this farm-to-table eatery. From fried chicken salads and crispy chicken sandwiches to pecan fried chicken & French toast, Rye has a poultry dish for all tastes. The restaurant's egg dishes are just as varied, featuring an omelet of the day, eggs Benedict, steak & eggs, huevos rancheros, and — of course — deviled eggs.

While Rye's menu doesn't go into much detail about the deviled eggs' composition (besides highlighting that they're free-range), the appetizer has received the go-ahead from diners. For instance, one customer wrote on TripAdvisor, "The deviled eggs had the perfect amount of creaminess with just a touch of horseradish for kick." Additionally, other satisfied diners on both TripAdvisor and Yelp have described the dish as "yummy" and a "favorite of the group."


(913) 642-5800

10551 Mission Rd., Leawood, KS 66206

Burwell's Stonefire Grill in Charleston, South Carolina

At a first glance, what makes Burwell's Stonefire Grill's deviled eggs stand out from the pack is their shape — rather than being round, the bite-sized snacks are cut into squares. According to The Queen of the Food Age, which reviewed the establishment in 2017, this makes them much easier to eat since they "don't wobble all over the plate and make a mess." The dish's ingredient line-up is also impressive, featuring candied bacon, red wine gastrique, truffle oil, and pickled root vegetables. For those sporting a big hunger, the restaurant's menu also features a range of steaks grilled over a wood fire.

The deviled eggs at Burwell's Stonefire Grill have won over diners, with The Queen of the Food Age saying that they always come back to the dish despite having tried most of the menu's offerings. "I'm not sure what they do to them, but they're bursting with flavor and ridiculously tasty. I could eat 100 of these," they wrote. Another customer on TripAdvisor was equally impressed, writing, "Tim, the bartender, always steers us in the right direction with food and drinks. 'You can't go wrong with deviled eggs.' Thanks Tim!!" Other adjectives used across Yelp and OpenTable to describe the dish have included "unique and very tasty," "fabulous," and a "must try."


(843) 737-8700

14 N Market St., Charleston, SC 29401


Finding the best deviled eggs in the U.S. was no easy task. Our quest took us to the most remote corners of the internet, where we consulted both professional and customer reviews of the dish. When assessing each review, we accounted for overall diner satisfaction and any further details that could shed light on the dish's quality.

It goes without saying that we also consulted each establishment's menu for a list of ingredients in its deviled eggs. These varied greatly and undoubtedly influence each final product.