Anita Surewicz

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Berlin, Germany
Deakin University
University Of Adelaide
Food, Restaurant Reviews, International Cuisines
  • Anita has worked as a professional editor and writer for over a decade.
  • Anita's articles have appears in publications such as SilverKiris, Lonely Planet, Going Places, Asian Geographic, Mabuhay, and Surface Asia.
  • Anita is a self-proclaimed foodie with a particular interest in Asian cuisines.


Anita is an Australian journalist and editor. Currently based in Berlin, over the years she has worked for the Jakarta Globe newspaper and the DestinAsian magazine in Indonesia. Anita has written travel and food-related articles for the Lonely Planet, SilverKris, Going Places, Asian Geographic, Mabuhay, Tigertales, and Oryx. When she isn't traveling around Asia and Europe, Anita enjoys spending time with her golden retriever Milo.


Anita has completed a bachelor of arts degree with honors in English at the University of Adelaide in Adelaide, Australia. She also has a postgraduate degree in journalism from Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia.
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