Here's The Best Hot Dog Restaurant In Chicago

Hot dogs have become almost synonymous with American culture (despite the hot dog being around far longer than the U.S.). This is particularly true in Chicago, where you can throw a rock and hit either a hot dog stand or a Chicagoan who loves the food. When it comes to a quality glizzy, though, you may have to munch through a sea of footlongs to find the greatest. But we can make this easier for you: Mashed has carefully ranked the best hot dog restaurants in Chicago based on a slew of reviews, and Superdawg Drive-In came out on top.

Superdawg Drive-In has been around since the '40s, and it has remained pretty static, with the original Superdawg recipe holding up even today. Despite it not changing for over 75 years, people still rave over the Superdawg. Some have been dogging down regularly at Superdawg Drive-In for decades, while others only occasionally swing by the Chi-Town classic while visiting the Windy City.

No matter their relationship with the retro hot dog stand, though, the consensus of greatness remains the same. Like Google's local guide Brenda says, "If you want an honest-to-goodness, original Chicago hot dog, look no further. Superdawg is one of the best!"

Superdawgs only come one way: the best

How did a mom-and-pop hot dog stand with humanoid hot dogs on its roof beat out Chicagoan stand-bys like Portillo's and Jimmy's Red Hots? The drive-in and walk-up restaurant serves a Chicago-style hot dog recipe its own way, which has been coined (of course) a "Superdawg." By keeping things simple, Superdawg Drive-In has seemingly perfected its quality and taste.

While the dog itself is packed with flavor and thoughtfully-chosen ingredients, it sits simply on the menu as the restaurant's only hot dog option. Order a wiener here, and you'll get an all-beef hot dog in a poppyseed bun. On top, you'll find mustard, a pickle spear, hot peppers, diced onions, a healthy dollop of piccalilli, and that iconic fluorescent green relish.

Despite its confidence in putting just one style of dog on its menu, the truth about Superdawg Drive-In is that it does have a wide range of other offerings. Pair your dog with the crispy crinkle fries for a well-rounded, traditional Chicagoan meal. If you're extra hungry, add the hearty sausage sandwich or the hot dog stand's take on a Chicago-inspired cheeseburger. While hype and reviews certainly surround the Superdawg hot dog as a Chi-Town classic, Superdawg Drive-In shows up as an all-around quality establishment.