Is Micro Charcuterie The Game-Changer Of The Summer Or Just ... Small Plates?

Charcuterie boards have grown incredibly popular in recent years through social media. This awakening has helped plenty of people host parties and allowed many more to unlock their creativity as they design and fill out boards; building the perfect charcuterie board is an artform that requires a good visual sense as well as keen tastebuds. Although there's something beautiful about people gathering around a ginormous board to nibble on carefully-paired cheeses and meats while chatting about life, one up-and-coming type of charcuterie board is single-portioned. It's known as micro charcuterie, and with it, there's no need to fight 10 other hands for every last morsel.

Emily Love Leserman, creator of the Instagram page makefoodlovely, is encouraging a micro charcuterie renaissance this summer. A micro charcuterie board contains a typical variety of meats, cheeses, and fruits, but it's portioned onto smaller surfaces. Just think of it as a little appetizer plate if that helps. Micro charcuteries may lack the grandiosity of a large and overflowing board, but they're a fresh take on the traditional and a convenient summer party item.

The pros and cons of micro charcuterie

In her Instagram post, Emily Love Leserman shows how micro charcuterie boards serve a tapas-style purpose. Hundreds of years ago, Spanish tapas likely began as small foods used to cover wine glasses and ward off insects. Taking inspiration from this, micro charcuterie boards that are placed over wine glasses (like the ones featured by makefoodlovely) allow guests to walk around a party while still having a hand free to eat; plus, this system is perfect for large gatherings with too many attendees to fit around one board.

However, one disadvantage of micro charcuterie is the challenge for it to contain much variety — it's just too small. Plus, while pre-made micro boards are convenient for folks to grab and go, this prevents them from picking out the kinds of meats and cheeses they want on their plates. A possible solution to these issues would be to make one large board and have guests draw from it to create their own little plates filled with personal cheese-and-meat preferences.

Whether individuals choose to place it over a glass of wine or not, a micro charcuterie board can be a game-changer for large summer festivities centered around mingling. To impress guests even more, be sure to brush up on Mashed's charcuterie board rules for picking out the perfect drink to complement your tiny spread.