The Sweet Tip That Makes Building Ice Cream Sandwiches A Breeze

There are many reasons you'd want to make your own ice cream sandwiches rather than just grabbing a box at the grocery store (although if you're in a pinch, we can point you in the direction of the best kind of ice cream sandwiches to buy). Perhaps you want to come up with your own unique flavor combination of cookie and ice cream, or maybe you want to supersize your sandwich. However, if it's a classic, rectangular ice cream sandwich you seek, there's one tip that'll make it easy to assemble picture-perfect (and delicious) treats. All you need is a metal brownie pan.

Though you could theoretically bake a bunch of individual rectangular cookies, make your life a whole lot easier by creating a big slab instead. You could bake two giant cookies in your brownie pan if you want to use as few dishes as possible, or you could create one on a baking sheet that's roughly double the size of your brownie pan. Then, use your brownie pan as a vessel to build your sandwiches by laying down one layer of cookie, spreading your ice cream over it, and then topping it with another cookie layer before slicing it into portions. Take inspiration from the pan and try a brownie recipe or brownie mix, simply made in a much thinner layer, to craft cookies that are soft and cakey like the classic ice cream sandwiches you remember from childhood.

More tips for effortless assembly

You're already ahead of the game if you're starting with a giant slab of cookie and a brownie pan. However, there are a few additional ways to streamline the process so making homemade ice cream sandwiches is an absolute breeze. First, remember to remove your ice cream of choice from the freezer a little before you want to assemble your sandwiches. Trying to spread hard ice cream on a cookie will be frustrating and likely a little messy. Softened ice cream, on the other hand, will spread easily and allow you to create an even layer. For best results, pop the ice cream in the refrigerator to soften but not melt. Since cookies become sturdier when they're cold, you might want to pop them in the freezer for a few minutes prior to assembly.

Second, while it's super easy to slice your brownie pan-sized ice cream sandwich into individual portions, you don't want to end up with half your cookie stuck to the pan. So, prior to assembly, line your brownie pan with either parchment or wax paper (just remember not to put wax paper in the oven). And, keep your paper of choice out, because you'll want to wrap each sandwich once assembled so they don't stick together. For an extra decorative touch (or if your edges aren't as neat as you wanted after cutting), consider pressing the edges of the sandwich in something like chocolate chips or sprinkles.