This Is, By Far, The Worst Taco Bell Chalupa We've Ever Seen

No, Taco Bell isn't testing a new black bean Chalupa shell — though you might think this once you see the Chalupa that Reddit user u/AdCharacter99 supposedly got from the chain today. "I ordered a Chalupa on Door Dash and this is what I received..." they wrote in a post to the Taco Bell subreddit on Friday, June 28, along with a photo of their grub, and let's just say you might not quieras Taco Bell after taking a look. Instead of receiving a Chalupa shell fried to a perfect golden-brown hue, the Redditor got a meal that was nearly black on the outside, seemingly signifying that it had been charred to a crisp.

While Reddit has been fuming over the chain not fully frying its Chalupa shells since last year, we can probably all agree that this amount of apparent frying is a little too extreme. "This looks disgusting," u/Flimsy_Measurement19 declared in response to what we are now going to refer to as Burntlupa-gate. "I don't expect people at a fast food chain to care TOO much but I mean, at least honor that people paid for the product," they added.

Still, some were able to find a bit of humor in the situation. "New Chocolate chalupa dropped," u/Lichebornes wrote. "I want the volcano menu back, not for my food to be cooked in one," another teased. Others suggested seeking out a refund or even taking the photo to X, formerly known as Twitter, to publicly shame the company.

Some don't believe the burnt Taco Bell Chalupa is real

Reddit user u/AdCharacter99's Taco Bell Chalupa is by far the worst one we've ever seen. However, some Bellheads are having trouble believing they were actually served such a disgraceful meal from the chain. "Highly doubt this! Fake," u/surfcitysurfergirl said, while another Redditor pointed out what was potentially the Taco Bell counter or table under the Chalupa's packaging (implying this may be a hoax by an employee, since the original poster claimed they had the item delivered).

As of this writing, the Redditor has not issued a response to either of those accusations. However, there may be some truth to these claims. As purported on TikTok by @caleb_lennon, who gave a demonstration of how the chain's Chalupa shells are evidently made, employees are supposed to set a 40-second timer after dropping the shells into the fryer.

Of course, it is very possible that whoever made u/AdCharacter99's delivery meal forgot to start the countdown or got busy and couldn't pull the shells out in time. Still, if you don't even want to risk being on the receiving end of what several Redditors called a "Charlupa," you could always make copycat Taco Bell Chalupa Supremes or copycat Taco Bell bacon club Chalupas at home so you can be in total control of frying the shells.