Reddit Is Fuming Over Taco Bell Not Fully Frying Chalupa Shells

The Chalupa Supreme and its associated combos have been a mainstay on the Taco bell menu for quite a long time. Taco Bell's commercial for the item paints it as a fried and crunchy alternative to the now defunct but similar Gordita Supreme — now only the Gordita Crunch remains on the menu. Nation's Restaurant News reports that since its introduction in 1999, several versions of the menu item have been available at different times, including the Baja Chalupa and the Naked Chicken Chalupa.

But while the item's popularity may be indicated by its ongoing presence on the menu, recently the quality control in maintaining that crunch factor has been lacking and has caused frustration from several Reddit users. The frustration is understandable considering how hard it is to replicate because a traditional chalupa recipe sticks to refried beans (if that) and the pitas just aren't the same. The social media users seem to think something has changed about the menu item and they are not happy.

A classic that's hard to replicate

In a Reddit thread titled, "Since When Did Taco Bell Stop Frying The Chalupa Shells????" a user vented their frustration saying, "I stopped getting chalupa cause it's never fried anymore." This echoes many statements from Redditors just looking for a proper, crunchy Mexican fix. Taco Bell describes the item as having "a shell that mysteriously marries chewy and crispy; pure sorcery," but it seems that many Redditors aren't having that experience with the menu item. 

"I haven't had a decently fried chalupa since probably 2021 maybe mid 2022," one person said while others noted how mad they were. "Doubled the price then wrecked the product. I haven't ordered one in a long time," a user wrote. Another said, "What a disgrace." A self-identified former Taco Bell employee said that sometimes the cooks take the chalupa shells out of the fryer early to save time, so maybe the Redditors are onto something.

If your location just can't get it right, a copycat Chalupa Supreme recipe might just whet your appetite. Unfortunately, the pitas featured in the Chalupa Supreme do not seem to be available at the supermarket through Taco Bell's grocery line (via Walmart).