We Tried Some Of The Most Popular Costco Soups And This One Was Best

Regardless of the season, it's always a good idea to take a cue from George Costanza and shift into soup mode before stepping foot into a Costco warehouse. The big box retailer has several ready-made options available in its refrigerated sections. Mashed taste-tested six of the most popular soups and ranked them from best to worst, with Kirkland brand chicken tortilla ultimately taking the top spot.

Our ranker considered several factors during their soup sampling fest, in which their children also took part. Flavor, of course, was one of them, and the chicken tortilla didn't disappoint. It was described as "spicy, sweet, and salty," though, unlike almost every other soup on the list, this liquid entree wasn't too heavy on either of these taste profiles. "Even the level of spice is just right — it'll wake up your taste buds but, is still mild enough that most kids will be willing to eat it," the writer explained.

Ingredients, texture, and price were also taken into consideration. Our ranker was impressed by the heartiness of Costco's chicken tortilla soup, which features a tomato-based broth infused with corn masa and lime, corn, carrots, red and green bell peppers, and white meat chicken – though they did find it slightly on the tougher side. However, that wasn't enough to drop the soup to any spot lower than number one. It had a relatively low price, ringing in at around $9 for two 16-ounce containers. (However, the price may depend on the location.)

Here's how Costco shoppers enjoy altering Kirkland chicken tortilla soup

It is important to note that various Costco locations may offer more than just six pre-made soup options. However, the flavors that were considered in Mashed's ranking were the only ones available to our ranker at the time they conducted their taste test. Your personal favorite will ultimately depend on what is on hand at your local warehouse, as well as your own taste preference. Still, if you're planning a Costco soup taste test of your own, the Kirkland brand chicken tortilla soup should be part of the mix if it's available.

Our ranker enjoyed it for its balanced flavor profile, pleasant texture, hearty ingredient makeup, and low price point, while Costco members like TikTok user @allthingsbeautybymadison appreciate how comforting the liquid entreé is. "This soup is a warm hug in a bowl," they said. You're welcome to heat and eat the dish as-is (pro tip: the ideal soup temperature range is between 136 to 162 degrees Fahrenheit), but many shoppers prefer to upgrade the soup with some additional fixings. Fan-approved add-ins include tortilla chips, jalapeños, avocado, sour cream, and even some extra chicken from the grocer's beloved rotisserie birds. Some also like to serve this soup over rice.