Is The SlimCado Really A Healthier Avocado?

We live in amazing times, friends. Plant-based Whoppers are a reality, grapes taste like cotton candy, and avocados come in a diet version. If you've been out of the guacamole game for a while, you may be under the impression that avocados are just avocados. Nope, the SlimCado is the newest — although it's not really new — piece of produce that has people second-guessing what sort of avocado they want in their shopping cart. The name SlimCado certainly markets this piece of produce as a healthier kind of avocado, but that's not 100 percent true on every nutritional aspect.

First off, let's clear the air on what exactly a SlimCado is. As the The Washington Post points out, it's not a new breed of "Franken-fruit" but the marketing name for Florida avocados, a West Indian type of avocado that thrives in humid climates. Most avocados that you find in grocery stores are Hass or California avocados, and come from the West Coast or Mexico. Florida avocados have a brighter green skin, higher water content, and are less buttery in texture than California avocados. The Florida avocado also happens to be quite a bit larger, and can grow three to four times the size as a Hass avocado. Side-by-side, a California avocado looks rather puny when compared to its sunshine state cousin.

As for the health benefits of the Florida avocado, excuse us, SlimCado, this fruit has 25 percent fewer calories and 30 percent less fat per cup than a California avocado. It's important to note, though, that the fat in both avocados is mostly monounsaturated fat, which may be beneficial to losing weight (via Healthline). This is because monounsaturated fat burns faster during exercise than other fats, and can help you to feel full longer, meaning that less monounsaturated isn't necessarily a good thing. While California avocados do have more fiber, the SlimCado edges out the California version when it comes to a higher vitamin E and C content. At the end of the day, though, the SlimCado is less nutrient-dense overall, when compared to the California variety.

As for taste, the SlimCado's more watery texture is probably going to be better for your smoothies, while the California avocado is the one you'll want on your avocado toast. When it really comes down to which version of avocado is healthier, the SlimCado does have an extra boost of vitamins E and C, plus fewer calories — just don't be fooled by that lower fat content. And remember, both avocados have health benefits, so it's worth mixing and matching them, especially if you crave that oh-so-buttery texture of a perfectly ripe Hass avocado.