You've Been Peeling Potatoes Wrong Your Entire Life

Meat and potatoes go together like peanut butter and jelly. There's nothing better than sitting down to eat your perfectly cooked steak with a hefty side of potatoes, but there is a possibility you worked a little too hard to peel those potatoes. You actually may have been peeling potatoes wrong your entire life.

It turns out that not only are there plenty of secrets when it comes to mashed potatoes, but there is also a secret when it comes to quickly peeling potatoes, too. So throw away your potato peeler and grab a knife, because that's the only tool you'll need once you learn this quick and easy potato peeling method.

To start the process, pick out the potato of your choice. There are plenty of different types of potatoes and the one you choose depends on what dish you'll be making. Once you have your potato in hand, grab your knife and gently slice through the middle of the potato all the way around (just barely breaking the skin) before placing it in a pot of water to cook as usual (via Foody Tube). When your cooked potato is pulled from the pot, use your fingers to pull the skin from each end and watch it slide off with no resistance. Not only does this method cut down on your prep time, but you'll most likely notice a boost in flavor by cooking the potato with the skin on. The skin is where most of a potato's flavor comes from, after all.

Now that you have learned this simplistic method of peeling potatoes, you can gather up some of your favorite ingredients and start cooking. Don't be too shy about serving the starchy side dish either — it's not as bad as carb-haters make it out to be. Even nutritionists say a potato here and there won't sabotage a diet. As long as your ratio of sour cream to vegetables is relatively modest, you'll be just fine.