Here's What You Can Substitute For Turmeric

Turmeric is one of those spices that has grown in popularity because of its anti-inflammatory properties — some folks are even putting it in their pancakes and using it to fight hangovers (via Today). But perhaps turmeric pancakes are a little too out there for your taste buds, and the last time you tried making a curry your family was left fighting over a bottle of Tums. Obviously, nobody wants a spice crowding up their spice rack that was only used once and never touched again. Thankfully, there are some great turmeric alternatives you can use if you're hesitant to buy this spice... or if you use it so much that you've suddenly run out.

Try one of these spices as a turmeric substitute

If you want a great turmeric substitute and don't mind spending a little more, saffron is the way to go. Raw Spice Bar recommends saffron because of its similar color properties to turmeric and a taste that isn't going to be noticeably different. 

Ginger and cumin can also make an adequate turmeric substitute when you're in a pinch. Neither is going to give you the vibrant color of turmeric, so if that's what you're looking for, it might be wise to skip these. Both spices are strong in terms of flavor, so use them sparingly. The good thing is that ginger has some of the anti-inflammatory components found in turmeric, and cumin will give your dishes an aroma similar to that of turmeric. 

Finally, if you find yourself strolling the grocery aisle and turmeric is nowhere to be found, consider reaching for either mustard or curry powder. Curry powder actually has some turmeric in it and will get the job done if you happen to be making a curry, however it may be a little too strong if you only want color (via Heal With Food). If color is what you're after, consider a dash of mustard powder as it will provide that rich yellow color but without as much bite as curry powder (via Kitchen Rally).