The Right Way To Shuck Corn

It's the ultimate barbecue side and a must-have addition to your next summer potluck meal, but corn on the cob can be kind of a pain to prepare. Learning the right way to shuck corn can save you a lot of hassle, which means you might be more likely to take advantage of this sweet vegetable treat when it's in season. 

The worst thing about shucking corn is having to deal with all of those stringy little threads between the corn husk and the corn itself. Missing a few strands of corn silk is enough to ruin a dish — your guests might think it's stray hair, and it can get caught in their teeth (or worse, go down their throat).

The best way to shuck corn involves a microwave

The easiest way to shuck corn is to get some assistance from your microwave (via The Kitchn). Instead of struggling with the corn husks and silk and making a mess in your kitchen, the process is actually pretty simple. 

First, cut off the bottoms of your cobs of corn, leaving the husk on. Then, microwave the cobs for 2 to 4 minutes. 

Leaving the husk on the corn in the microwave generates steam, which gently separates the corn silk from the corn itself. Pick up each corn cob by the pointed bit of husk at the top, then give it a shake. 

The corn cob should slip right out, corn silk-free, and ready to be cooked to perfection. 

At two minutes in the microwave, the kernels will be slightly tenderized, but not cooked through, which is more versatile if you plan on cooking the corn with a different method, like on the grill. 

Using this tip, you'll never have to deal with pesky corn silk again. You'll spend less time shucking, and more time actually enjoying the product of your work.