The Secret Ingredient You Should Add To Your Chick-Fil-A Sandwich

If there's one fast food menu item that has gone beyond the point of cult favorite to where it is practically an object of veneration, that item would have to be Chick-fil-A's original sandwich. Its rabid fans (and their numbers are legion) are prepared to defend this iconic sandwich by going to war, if necessary — a war of words, at least, as seen in a Twitter battle in which they engaged the evil forces of the usurper Popeyes.

With an object as sacred as the Chick-fil-A original sandwich, surely it would be a sin to desecrate such perfection with any additions, wouldn't it? Well, perhaps not. At least, not if such lily-gilding is sanctioned by Chick-fil-A's own website, The Chicken Wire. There is, in fact, an entire page on the site dedicated to helping Chick-fil-A sandwich lovers level up their sandwich eating experience, just in case anyone gets a wild hair (or feather) and decides to "try and shake things up." While Chick-fil-A makes several suggestions, one of their sandwich additions stands out as a particularly "egg-cellent" idea.

​ Which came first, the Chick-fil-A or the egg?

The Chick-fil-A sandwich comes first, of course. But Chick-fil-A themselves suggest that, should you wish to purchase a sandwich and take it home to eat, you could only improve matters by topping that sandwich with a fried egg. They call this variant the Protein Booster, plugging not only the titular nutritional benefits but also adding that "the flavor factor is a total game changer." Sure sounds like it!

If you're a bit dubious as to the flavor combo of eggs and pickles, and were wondering whether you absolutely had to leave those on... well, Chick-fil-A doesn't specifically mention pickles with the Protein Booster. They do, however, have another sandwich variant called the Mediterranean Makeover in which the pickles are swapped out for sun-dried tomatoes, so evidently it is permissible to remove the pickles under certain circumstances without committing Chick-fil-A heresy. 

Should you do so, however, it is probably best that you save the pickles to eat on the side, as just tossing out such an integral part of Chick-fil-A's original creation might just verge on sinful. When it comes to adding to your chicken sandwich instead of subtracting, though, it seems you probably have Chick-fil-A's blessing to go beyond their suggestions. In the words of the gospel according to Chick-fil-A, "with a little creativity, you can add your own flavor to our 'Original' for a new and irresistible meal!"

Chick-fil-A sandwich upgrades that can be done in-house

If you're planning a dine-in Chick-fil-A meal, though, and it's not quite hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, that's OK, you can still get creative onsite with a few of these Chick-fil-A hacks, including variants for a Buffalo chicken sandwich, a chicken taco burger, or a lettuce wrap. And don't worry! You're still not desecrating Chick-fil-A's signature sandwich, since all of these hacks are performed using official Chick-fil-A products, and in some cases even by official Chick-fil-A employees — and any way they can get you to "eat mor chikin" is ok by them.