The Truth About The Food Served On Air Force One

While airline food usually gets a well-deserved bad rap, one notable exception would have to be the cuisine served aboard Air Force One — sadly, something few of us will ever get to experience unless we get appointed to the next vacant cabinet post. Until then, however, we'll have to make do with the insider exposé supplied by ABC News since, oh yes, some very lucky high-level journalists also get the occasional chance to dine like kings — or presidents — as they fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

What's on the Air Force One menu?

Each meal is created by chefs especially for each flight. The meals are served on fine china branded with the presidential seal — which, incidentally, is supposed to be destroyed once it becomes damaged or worn-out, so there's no chance of snagging any seconds at a Goodwill or even on eBay. Past entrées have included a Southwestern-inspired beef tenderloin with salsa and pinto beans, lasagna with a caprese salad and tiramisu cup, and blueberry pancakes with sausages and a granola/yogurt parfait. However, the plane's catering staff keep sufficient supplies on hand that should the president or one of his family members happen to wish for something off-menu such as a hamburger, they should be able to supply that as well.

​ One downside to dining aboard Air Force One

Should you start to feel jealous of Air Force One's passengers next time you're reduced to begging for a second complimentary mini-bag of pretzels to tide you over from New York to California, here's one small consolation — Apprentice alum-turned-former-White House press aide Omarosa Manigault revealed the truth on an episode of Celebrity Big Brother (via US Magazine): There's no free lunch, even when you're flying with the POTUS. She says she was billed $23 after the fact for an in-flight snack she didn't even eat! 

​Air Force One's unsolved mystery meal

One recent meal served aboard Air Force one kept the internet guessing as to one of its components. CNN's senior diplomatic correspondent Michelle Kosinski shared a photo on Twitter of a holiday-themed meal from October 28th prominently featuring a stuffed pepper carved to look like a jack-o-lantern. Cute, but all the commenters wanted to know — what was that weird thing up in the top left corner? Speculations ranged from the mundane — an overcooked chicken thigh, a scone — to the bizarre — a frozen sloth head — to the truly grotesque – a human heart. Umm, Happy Halloween?