The Sneaky Way Starbucks Is Scamming You

A simple look at Starbucks' wealth and it's easy to assess that the company worth billions and billions is pretty popular with a lot of people. After all, a company doesn't sell a bazillion cups of coffee if people don't like it, right? Of course, for every person out there who can't get their day started until they get a Venti caramel frappuccino, there's somebody else who thinks Starbucks is terrible and a complete ripoff. 

People have been complaining about the business practices of Starbucks for years. Some disgruntled folks have even gotten the courts involved. Truth be told, Starbucks probably is scamming you, but it's probably not that much worse than any other mega-corporation out there. How they're doing it, though, might surprise you.

Pay attention to the ice in your Starbucks cup

"I ordered a grande iced coffee today and it was at least 2/3 ice. Felt like a rip-off when I was quickly done with it." That's how one person blasted Starbucks on Reddit, and they're certainly not alone in that opinion either. People have taken an issue with the amount of ice that Starbucks puts in its iced beverages for years. Social media is full of people complaining about and even poking fun at the coffee chain for loading their drinks down with ice to save money by giving the customer less of the beverage they're paying for. 

To combat this, and while this isn't necessarily a solid Starbucks hack, you could try ordering your drink with "light ice" — but that doesn't mean you'll actually get light ice. 

The issue has outraged so many customers that a class-action lawsuit was even filed against Starbucks over the matter (via The Washington Post). It was eventually dismissed with Judge Percy Anderson shooting down any merit in the lawsuit. "When a reasonable consumer walks into a Starbucks and orders a Grande iced tea, that consumer knows the size of the cup that drink will be served in and that a portion of the drink will consist of ice," Anderson said. 

Whether it's a coffee shop, cell phone company, or any other business, it's ultimately up to each consumer whether or not they want to give a business their money. As for Starbucks, perhaps your best bet is to order that iced coffee drink with no ice, and ask for a cup of ice on the side so you can add it yourself.