The Craziest Stuff We Learned During Hot Ones Interviews

It's interesting how physical discomfort can cause the barriers that stand between your mental filter and mouth to quickly crumble. A few bites of super spicy and before you know it, you're suddenly blabbing about everything. This is exactly what makes the show Hot Ones so perfect.

Each episode features host Sean Evans chatting with a different celebrity while they both gradually make their way through 10 sauced-up chicken wings, each one spicier than the last. As the heat kicks in, the interviewees start divulging information they may never have if it wasn't for Mister Scoville paying their mouths a visit. Sure, each guest might feel comfortable playing everything cool at the beginning when Tapatio is the hot sauce in play, but once they face the ghost peppers in Da Bomb, lips start flapping.

Here are some of the craziest things viewers were privy to on Hot Ones. Buckle up and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times. This ride is about to get wacky.

Ja Rule told Hot Ones DMX got him into hot water

When you're a celebrity with a ton of clout and a bank account overflowing with benjamins, partying is taken to a whole new level. And, as you can imagine, things go from calm to crazy to borderline illegal real quickly. Well, Ja Rule told Hot Ones that when he was partying with DMX down in Miami during a tour, the two took it one step further into illegal territory. But hey, celebrity life, right?

According to Ja Rule, DMX pulled up to their hotel in a Mercedes Benz, urging his buddy to jump in for a joyride. As you can imagine, a joyride offered by DMX is far from a leisurely drive through the countryside. The pedal never left the metal, and after weaving through traffic like a maniac, the cops eventually nabbed them. Neither of them had licenses, and after DMX explained to the officers he "borrowed" the car from a friend, they were told they had to find another way back. 

So, DMX jumped out of the car and started hitchhiking. Within minutes, a female fan pulled up in fan-girl hysterics and drove them back to her grandmother's house where they ate a home-cooked meal and partied with her neighborhood crew.

Tommy Chong told Hot Ones about a trippy experience he had with his wife

Tommy Chong's never hidden the fact he likes to get high. Really, really high. Watch any Cheech and Chong film and you immediately realize this guy belongs to a league of stoners few people can keep up with. But, although he's made a name for himself as one of the kings of kush, he doesn't draw the line at marijuana. No, this guy dabbles in it all, and he told Hot Ones a story involving the movie Thumbelina and LSD to prove it.

Chong and his wife — who also enjoys expanding her mind — dropped acid before they brought their daughter to a matinee showing of Thumbelina. At one point in the movie, Thumbelina is supposed to marry a rat, and there were tons of children running up and down the theater aisles, which, on acid, made it appear like there were dozens of rats wreaking havoc all around. While Chong's daughter was fixated on the film, he and his wife were huddled together in fear of the "rodents."

Ahh, parenting at its reality-altering finest.

T.J. Miller told Hot Ones he almost fought an audience member

Comedian T.J. Miller knows all too well about the risks of performing for strangers.

When your career is on a stage in front of a live audience, it's inevitable at some point something unexpected will happen. Well, during one show, Miller was slinging his jokes and one audience member wasn't having any of it. And Miller told Hot Ones all about it.

If you've ever been to a comedy show and witnessed a heckler interrupting a comedian's set, you know how quickly it can ruin the experience. A good comedian can quickly jab back and shut them down, but some just don't quit. During a show in Atlanta, one audience member's wife would not stop talking. So, Miller shifted his focus to her and flung a barrage of insults her way. Her hubby took some serious offense to what Miller said, and he charged the stage ready to brawl. Luckily, security was on their game and wrestled him off the stage before he could throw a fist Miller's way.

Kinda brought a whole new definition of punchline, don't you think?

Riff Raff told Hot Ones he is a sommelier of most unusual sorts

A sommelier is someone who knows the ins and outs of wine. Not only do they have knowledge about the wine itself, but they know which one pairs well with every flavor profile, so both the food and drinking experience are enhanced. But, rapper Riff Raff told Hot Ones he flips the script on the word by pairing some unlikely foods and drinks together.

How interesting are these pairings? Well, let's look at Fruity Pebbles — yes, the breakfast cereal. Has it ever occurred to you what drink it might pair well with? Riff Raff has, and he boldly insists slamming a Monster energy drink while munching down a bowl of pebbles is the way to go. 

What about Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Well, Raff suggests you bail on the milk entirely and instead pour in horchata, the popular sweetened drink from Mexico. And, according to Raff, if you're enjoying a bowl of Apple Jacks, they'll taste the best if you wash them down with a sour apple-flavored Four Loko.

Chris D'Elia told Hot Ones about firing back on social media

Every comedian has their own way of dealing with hecklers, whether they're in the audience or trolling them via social media. Many just ignore them, refusing to give them the attention they're desperately seeking, but Chris D'Elia told Hot Ones he has a different strategy. A far more combative strategy. He wants people to know if they have the guts to play around with the bull, his horns are sharpened and ready to gore.

Social media, while it definitely has its positives, unfortunately also allows for tons of negativity to spread quickly. It's great that fans can reach out to their favorite celebrities, but so can the haters. When D'Elia sees a jab thrown at him via Twitter, he jabs back hard. Don't sit alone behind a keyboard and talk smack without backing it up. He'll retweet their message along with a super snarky response and put them on blast big time. And honestly, he should.

Too many people use social media as an avenue to hurt others, but D'Elia makes sure those trolls know their roles.

Jeff Ross told Hot Ones about a terrifying hotel stay

Not only is comedian Jeff Ross an absolute master at roasting people — hence his nickname "Roastmaster General" — but he knows the importance of comedy, especially for places that see violence on a daily basis. He's been overseas to the Middle East to perform for the troops and show his gratitude for their work, but travelling to a war-torn area always comes with risks.

Ross told Hot Ones that during one of his trips, his hotel was hit with a mortar shell in the middle of the night while everyone was asleep. The area three floors above him was completely blown out, and his nerves were rattled. But, that wasn't even the scariest night on the trip. Even though the hotel was hit, it was still the safest place for him to stay, so he spent another night there. As much as he tried to cast it aside, his anxiety refused to let him fall asleep. All he could envision was another mortar shell striking the room he occupied at any minute.

Bobby Lee told Hot Ones about his life before fame

Once someone finally hits it big after years of hustling hard, the only life of theirs we see is one full of glamour and wealth. But, before that celebrity-life takes hold, most people live the complete opposite way, and comedian Bobby Lee knows all too well about pre-fame struggles.

Lee told Hot Ones that before his bank account was something to brag about, Lee recalled one very desperate — and frankly dangerous — living situation he was forced into. He was crammed into an apartment with eight other people in a hipster neighborhood in Los Angeles. The apartment was nicknamed "The Dumpster," and among his roommates were a 50-year-old homeless hippie and a 16-year-old runaway with a meth addiction. He also noted that Jackass' Wee-Man would sometimes crash for the night. Imagine what that Airbnb description would read.

Fortunately, he didn't succumb to the absolute insanity of the situation, but he'll always remember those humble beginnings.

Charlie Day told Hot Ones about the weird way he met his wife

Everyone loves a good how-I-met-my-spouse story. When you regale people with an epic tale of love, it makes you feel like your partnership was truly meant to happen. Charlie Day's story of how he met his sweetheart, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, — "the waitress" for all you It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans — isn't really as epic as it is downright hilarious, and he shared it with Hot Ones.

As the story goes, Day and a good buddy both happened to lock eyes on Ellis at the same time and called dibs on chatting her up. Neither of them were willing to back down and let the other one initiate the first move, so they decided to arm wrestle. The victor was granted the opportunity to approach Ellis first. Day won the match, started chatting her up, and the two eventually tied the knot after hitting it off. However, had Day lost the wrestle, he admitted he would have chatted her up anyway.

Steve-O told Hot Ones about a horrific self-induced injury

When you think of Steve-O from Jackass, you think of self-induced pain. The guy has done everything from shooting staples into his body, to lighting himself on fire, to putting a leech on his eyeball. This guy's been in more painful scenarios than dozens of people combined. Sure, he made a bunch of money doing it and now he's able to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, but often times, death loomed right around the corner.

Steve-O told Hot Ones one of the worst accidents he ever endured occurred at the University of Miami. A night of hard partying came to a screeching halt after he tossed himself off a balcony and landed on his face. He broke his cheekbone, shattered seven teeth, fractured his wrist, and suffered a concussion. In classic Steve-O fashion, he broke out of the hospital the next morning and pounded a beer first thing with his college buddies.

Fortunately, he found sobriety in 2008 after his Jackass co-stars forced him into a treatment center. If they hadn't, there's no telling if the world would still have a Steve-O.