The Free Upgrade You Aren't Ordering At Five Guys But Should

Five Guys is nothing short of amazing — those insanely delicious, super-huge burgers, those soft, fluffy buns, and those fresh, hot, so good they're almost illegal fries... as long as you're not counting calories, there's really nothing about Five Guys not to love. Although you may possibly have a little trouble deciding just exactly what you'd like to order, since the burgers can be customized in a mind-boggling 250,000 different ways (via The Daily Meal).

Whether or not you already have a go-to Five Guys order, there's an upgrade you should definitely try on your next trip, since it involves getting something extra for nothing. And we're not just talking that extra "topper" of fries which everyone gets anyway — this upgrade involves free bacon! And cheese!

This Five Guys upgrade is the real deal

Taste of Home mentions free extra bacon and cheese in an undated article on secrets that Five Guys employees won't tell you, but this particular secret appears to have leaked out long ago. A photo posted on Imgur in 2012 of a Five Guys receipt clearly shows extra bacon and extra cheese (and no extra charge), and this same great deal was later affirmed by a few other sources, including a November 2019 Yelp review and a December 2019 Facebook photo, to name a couple. An article from the Manchester Evening News, published in November 2019, shows that this menu hack also works at Five Guys restaurants in the UK.

What you need to do to get this free Five Guys upgrade

One caveat regarding the free bacon and cheese: in order to get extra, you have to have ordered bacon and/or cheese in the first place: in other words, a cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger to get free extra cheese, or a bacon burger or bacon cheeseburger to get free extra bacon. 

If you've just ordered a plain burger, you can't get any extras (free or otherwise) on the bacon or cheese, since you didn't get it in the first place. Just order the bacon cheeseburger to begin with, take advantage of the free upgrade on both bacon and cheese, then go crazy with all the other toppings available