Here's How Much Money Rachael Ray Has Made From Being A Chef

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While Rachael Ray may not be a real chef, strictly speaking, she's still managed to climb the kitchen ladder to the point where she's one of the world's highest-paid food professionals. From her humble beginning as a cooking instructor at a local market, she moved into doing a cooking segment for a news show, at which point her relentless perkiness as well as her relatable (read: non-professionally trained) cooking techniques landed her that first Food Network hosting gig. 

Four TV shows, three Emmys, a lifestyle magazine, half a zillion cookbooks and her own line of pet food later, Rachael has a current net worth that The Richest estimates at $75 million but Investor Mint thinks may be closer to $88 million. Guess when you're up at those lofty levels, what's a dozen mil, more or less? No matter whose calculations are correct, Rachael's got more than enough bread to sop up a lake's worth of EVOO.

How Rachael Ray earned all that dough

While her Food Network shows may be lucrative, The Motley Fool indicates that the real money-maker is Rachael's own talk show, as she is able to use this as a platform to plug her latest cookbook or whatever product she's currently shilling for. She's done pretty well by these, too — her cookbooks alone have earned her over $8 million, and she's signed endorsement deals with Nabisco, Dunkin' Donuts, and AT&T. 

She even designed the Rachael Ray Home Collection of furnishings, with prices ranging from a $299 side chair all the way up to a $4,697 bedroom set. While her annual earnings may vary, estimates are that she rakes in between 15 and 30 million each year.

There is one side gig that isn't adding to Rachael's net worth, however: the profits from her Nutrish line of dog and cat foods, at least Rachael's share, are earmarked to fund the charity she established to help pets in need. Despite the scandal surrounding these foods' actual health benefits or (lack thereof), the Nutrish line has nevertheless raised a lot of money in a good cause. As of March 2019, the Rachael Ray Foundation has been able to donate more than $35.5 million to organizations dedicated to helping animals.