Be Our Chef: Everything We Know About Disney's New Cooking Show

If there's one thing there's no shortage of at present, it's cooking shows. And not just any old cooking shows — just about any premise you can think of, there's probably already a cooking show for that. Holiday cooking shows, travel cooking shows, moms cook, dads cook, grandmas cook, and of course, all kinds of cute kids-in-the-kitchen shows like MasterChef Junior. And not just shows, but also showdowns, throwdowns, and flat-out battles. Currently, Food Network alone hosts a total of 452 different shows, either in active or rerun status, and that's not even counting all the cooking shows on other networks. What on earth makes anyone think there's a need for one more?

Well, there's just one word we need to add to get that "oh yeah, of course" response, and that word is: Disney. Of course, the House of Mouse deserves a cooking show of its own — and from what the trailer shows, we can't wait to catch the first episode of the Disney Channel's soon-to-be-released Be Our Chef.

When can we expect to see Be Our Chef?

For now, we're going to have to settle for the YouTube trailer trailer, since the show isn't set to drop until late March. What can we learn in a one-minute teaser? First of all, the show's host is Angela Kinsey, who, since The Office closed its doors, has starred in her own YouTube baking channel along with hubby Josh.

The premise of Be Our Chef seems to involve dressing five families up in matching pastel chef coats and pitting them against each other in challenges involving dishes inspired by Disney characters. Several costumed characters — including Cinderella, Olaf from Frozen, and Baymax from Big Hero 6 — will apparently even show up at times, dispensing "aww"-inspiring hugs to little contestants. Contest judges will be Disney's "legendary chefs," and we're guessing their criticisms won't rank right up there on the Gordon Ramsay scale, since this is a family show — also, the trailer didn't show anyone bursting into tears.

It looks like there'll be the usual cooking show triumphs, tragedies, and moments of pure schadenfreude where we get to watch somebody else not just burn what they're baking, but actually set it on fire! And, since this is a Disney show, of course the kids will get all the best lines, like "It's all fun and games — until we lose. Then it's on." Well, it's not on yet — the show, that is, but we can't wait! Sounds like this one's worth watching.