The Reason MOD Pizza Is So Delicious

MOD Pizza has been around since 2008, but over the past few years, it has seemingly exploded, with 44.7 percent sales growth in 2018, which caused it to rank as the nation's fastest-growing restaurant chain. It currently boasts over 400 locations across the U.S. and even in the UK (via Business Insider). 

So why the amazing growth spurt? It seems word has gotten out that MOD Pizza is not only quick and convenient — after all, that's pretty much the point of pizza chains — but that their pizza is yummy enough to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

MOD Pizza is infinitely customizable

One of the fun things about MOD Pizza is that you can walk in to any location, go up to the counter, and point to any or all of their pizza toppings and they'll top your pizza with whatever you select — for no extra charge! The pizzas are priced by size, not ingredient, and the MOD Pizza menu has over 30 different toppings to choose from, and a few different crusts, including a cauliflower crust

If you're paralyzed by indecision, Mod Pizza can help with that, too — they also have nine classic combos and one soon-to-be-classic, the "pizza salad," which is a salad served atop a warm asiago crust.

Your MOD Pizza pie is cooked fresh in a high-tech oven

Once you've ordered your pizza, the super-thin crust will be sauced and cheesed by a member of the "Mod Squad" before being garnished with everything your little heart desires. Next stop — into the super quick cooking gas-fired oven, where it will be done in just 90 seconds. 

As it cooks, the pizza chef will spin it to make sure the crust browns evenly and will whisk it out of the oven when it's done just right. You can finish it with one of the eight different sauces ranging from "sri-rancha" to balsamic fig glaze, or you can just enjoy as is — and feel good about doing so. 

Business Insider says MOD Pizza's not only famous for their "affordable, crave-worthy pizza," but also a corporate culture that truly does put its employees first.