The Truth About 7-Eleven's New Chicken Restaurant

In case you weren't aware, 7-Eleven has skin in the restaurant game these days. No longer is this just a convenience store stop for a Big Gulp, because in 2019, the chain opened its first sit-down restaurant in Dallas, complete with Slurpee taste-testing and booze on-tap, according to Delish. It hasn't stopped there, though — 7-Eleven even opened taco restaurants in Washington, D.C. and San Diego. Now it's New York's turn with the chain's first Southern-inspired restaurant, Raise the Roost, located in Manhattan (via Delish).

Everyone has either tried to get a delicious Popeye's chicken sandwich or make one themselves. As the chicken sandwich madness spread throughout the country and spiked competition among fast-food chains, the war over chicken sandwich may have since slumped off, but 7-Eleven is stoking the flames as the star behind Raise the Roost is easily the new chicken biscuit breakfast sandwich. If this doesn't sound like a thing to you, McDonald's, Wendy's, and Chick-fil-A are already doing it.

What to get at the new 7-Eleven restaurant

While the chicken biscuit might the front and center at Raise the Roost, there are plenty of other reasons to go. The menu also includes made-from-scratch, hand-breaded chicken tenders as well as in-bone and boneless wings, and, of course, fried chicken sandwiches. Visitors can choose from grab-n-go, prepared options, or made-to-order chicken. The high-quality products are meant to differentiate 7-Eleven's new concept from its standby convenience stores, so expect more than a hot dog on rollers (via QSR Web).

The new store will also offer made-to-order coffees such as lattes, mochas, and smoothies in addition to the typical self-serve coffee and novelty drinks. There's even a self-serve frozen yogurt and ice cream bar for dessert too. Apart from ordering in-store, customers can also use the 7-Eleven mobile app for orders and even have chicken sandwiches delivered for convenience. There's plenty to squawk about, so head in to see it yourself.