Best And Worst New Easter Candy For 2020

Admit it — you can't wait to eat candy on Easter. Your mouth starts to salivate at the very thought of traditional Easter fare like Reese's Eggs, chocolate bunnies, Peeps, or a handful of jelly beans, and candy makers are not going to disappoint their consumers with a sweet tooth. Some of our favorite confectioners have been busy in the corporate kitchen creating sugary delights for Easter 2020 that will not only satisfy, but ensure an empty Easter basket before the day ends.

The best of the bunch? Reese's has a few new candies for Easter that will place peanut butter lovers in candy heaven. Reese's recently introduced several new products, including its Reese's Pieces Shake and Break Egg, a Reese's bunny stuffed with peanut butter, and a Reese's peanut butter creme egg. Most reviews of these new candies have been positive. For those craving more peanut butter with each bite, Reese's aficionados will not be disappointed (via Best Products)

There's no stinginess with the creamy spread in the Reece's 4.25-ounce chocolate-covered bunny. Additionally, don't forget that the Reese's Pieces Shake and Break Egg, a hollow chocolate egg filled with Reese's Pieces, which, along with Reese's peanut butter creme egg, will also have candy lovers excited. PopSugar calls the smooth and slightly gritty texture of the peanut butter creme the perfect "match" for a "crunchy pop" against the hollow chocolate egg. 

Easter candy you won't want to skip this year

Kit Kat will not be outdone. This brand has come up with a candy that captures spring and screams, "Lemon flavor sweet lovers unite!" Kit Kat has created Kit Kat Lemon Crisps. According to Thrillist, the delectable lemon coating is worth the wait. The Impulsive Buy concurs. These crunchy sweet wafers have been dubbed "heavenly" and worth the splurge.

Also making the list of best new Easter candies is a unique item — a Fruit Loops white chocolate bunny. This white chocolate-covered, cereal-packed rabbit is the result of Kellogg's and Frankford Candy teaming up to bring some favorite childhood flavors together. According to PopSugar, people are calling this one a "home run" and "so good." It definitely looks like a bunny kids will love with the bright Fruit Loops colors popping from the back of the bunny. This sure-to-be Easter basket favorite has already been spotted at local Walmarts. 

Still, while there are plenty of new Easter candies that will not let your taste buds down, there are certainly a couple worth passing over as you shop the candy aisles. What are some of the worst new Easter candies for 2020?

The worst Easter candy of 2020

Peeps have cornered the market on worst Easter candy for 2020. The candy has five new flavors hitting grocery store shelves this Easter, and the flavors leave even those who enjoy the marshmallow bunnies and birds scratching their head. 

The new Peep flavors are: chocolate pudding flavored marshmallow bunnies, root beer float flavored marshmallow chicks, Fruit Loops flavored pop, Hot Tamales fierce cinnamon-flavored marshmallow chicks, and Delights raspberry-flavored marshmallow chicks dipped in crème flavored fudge. Of these new flavors, Hot Tamales Peeps seems to be taking the brunt of the hate. (via Click Orlando)

New Hot Tamale Peeps are not for the faint of heart. Hot tamales are similar to Mike and Ikes — sweet and chewy — only instead of fruit flavors, they're bright red with a spicy taste. When you combine the fiery cinnamon taste of Hot Tamale against the sticky, sugary concoction these marshmallow chicks are made from, it may not be everyone's favorite, and not just because they're too spicy — in fact, some people who have tried them felt the cinnamon wasn't powerful enough (via Best Products). 

Also making the list of worst new candy is Kit Kat's Birthday Cake candy bar hitting shelves in April (via Best Products). While the sprinkles look pretty in the pictures, this cake inspired flavor can have a chemical taste when it isn't done right or can be overly sweet. While some might enjoy this flavor, the kiddos won't be upset if this candy doesn't find its way into their Easter baskets.