Why This Year's Cadbury Bunny Will Make You Feel Like Life Is Worth Living Again

Stop the presses — we bring you breaking news that is entirely unrelated to coronavirus and is also 100 percent not depressing. In fact, it's downright adorable. Ok, let's back up for a moment and ask the 64 cent question (times are hard, that's all we can spare): Who here had almost forgotten all about Easter? Yeah, it doesn't seem like much of a holiday, what with everybody stuck at home and living in fear of the pandemic that ate 2020. But yes, Easter is actually right around the corner, and for most of us, Easter means two things: bunnies and those delicious Cadbury eggs.

Well, the Cadbury company has something that will lift your spirits for sure, no matter how bummed you've been over the past few weeks. They've announced that there's a new Easter Bunny in town, and... drumroll, trumpet blast, and other suitable fanfare, please... it's an absolutely adorable two-legged sweetheart of a doggo who goes by the name of Lieutenant Dan!

This two-legged pooch makes the best Easter bunny ever

Lieutenant Dan, who was obviously named after the paraplegic veteran from Forrest Gump, entered in Cadbury's annual "Bunny Tryouts," and although CNN reports that he had some fierce competition from the likes of a therapy llama, a mini horse, a duck, a pig, and a hamster, this sweet treeing walker coon hound nevertheless won the day, receiving over 200,000 votes (via Delish). For a prize, he'll receive $5,000 (he deserves every penny!), and Cadbury has also made a donation of $10,000 to The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

And all we can say is... aww. Not only did Good Boy Dan win the contest, but he also won the internet, won the Easter holiday, and is winning 2020 — and helping us all remember how to smile again in these otherwise sad times. In a world where a dog can lose half his limbs and learn to be a bunny, it looks like anything really is possible, and this planet really is worth living on, after all.