The New Burger King Menu Item That Has Everyone Talking

Fast-food drive-thrus are just about the only place people are going these days, outside their own houses. So now is a good time to try a brand-new item at Burger King, launched nationwide just today (Friday, April 3). For a limited time, BK is offering Jalapeño Cheddar Bites as a side — $1.39 for a box of four, or $2.79 for eight (via Delish).

And here's a welcome bit of good news — the new little bites are yummy. YouTuber Ian K. of Peep This Out found the Jalapeño Cheddar Bites at his southern California Burger King about one week ago and rated them 10 out of 10. "If you love cheese in the slightest, and you like cheddar especially ... with a little bit of that jalapeño on the back end — it's a lovely situation. Definitely bomb," he said.

Burger King's new bites are very cheesy, not too spicy

Ian K. couldn't say enough about the how thick the cheddar was in each bite. Still, he recommended bypassing the four-piece and going straight for the eight. "You're going to pretty much inhale the four," he said. The bits of jalapeño, meanwhile, weren't overly spicy and presented more of a pickle flavor. And the indulgence doesn't cost you a lot in terms of calorie-guilt. According to Burger King's online menu, the larger serving is just 340 calories.

Crossing the border into Canada's BK menu reveals a slightly different item: Jalapeño Cheesy Bites, which presumably aren't made with real cheddar. Whatever mystery cheesiness comes in the Canadian bites, it packs a heftier 400 calories for eight. Canadians might think they're missing out on a real cheddar experience, but they can't complain. Burger Kings in the United States don't offer poutine.