The Real Reason Some People Are Cutting The Line At Costco

There's nothing quite worse than being cut in line. The anger and frustration that ensues is a feeling that you get used to in elementary school and stays with you well into your adult life. If you've shopped at a Costco lately, there are a few things that you might notice. Due to social distancing measures put into place as a result of the coronavirus crisis, Costco has begun limiting the number of people who are allowed in their stores at any given time. 

Bulk retailers have also been extremely popular in recent weeks as people have tried to stock up on their needs (via CNBC). As a result, long lines have started to form outside the store as people wait to be admitted entrance. And if you've been stuck in one of these lines recently, you may have noticed that there have been people allowed to skip past dozens of people with shopping carts and head directly into the store. Who are these people and what have they done to deserve this privilege?

How can you cut the line at a Costco?

This month, mega-retailer Costco started allowing first responders and healthcare professionals to cut the line, intending to make their grocery shopping experience quicker and less stressful. This gesture is extended to doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters and police officers. 

This benefit, intended to thank these members of society for their service during the COVID-19 pandemic, was announced on the Costco website. Also on their website was more information about how the chain plans to operate during this time, such as reduced store hours and limiting the number of guests allowed to shop together to just two. And for anyone plotting to cut the line without being a healthcare worker or first responder, Costco employees are checking credentials and proof of identification (via CNN). 

Don't try to beat the system — instead, bring a good book and be prepared to wait a while.