Here's How Much Eddie Huang Is Really Worth

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If you've ever watched the ABC series Fresh Off the Boat, you might not know that the charming show which follows a Taiwanese-American family in Florida is influenced by the real-life experiences of chef Eddie Huang (via ABC). The show is based on Huang's memoir, and the first season was even narrated by the chef himself. 

But Huang isn't only a show business chef — he also is the owner of BaoHaus in Manhattan, which sells Taiwanese bao-style buns (via BaoHaus). Something of a renaissance man, he also has a law degree and also worked for a New York-based firm before he was laid off during the financial crisis of 2008 and began working as a stand-up comedian and drug dealer (via The New York Times). He also once had a clothing line called Hoodman Clothing and is directing and writing a Focus Features film called Boogie, which is due out soon (via Deadline).

The net worth of Eddie Huang

Estimates put Huang's net worth around $2 million (via Cheat Sheet). His income comes from a number of different sources. Of course, there's profits from his restaurant and his memoir which gave rise to the ABC series about his life (the TV show is also probably providing royalties). 

But he also has a couple of other book titles, including one called Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food and Broken Heart by China that helps to pad the coffers (via Amazon). On top of all of this, he also had a food-related talk show which was picked up by the widely known internet outlet Vice (via Vice). This must have been a lucrative contract as well given the site's popularity. And, it's probably safe to assume that when his movie comes out, he'll be able to increase his net worth by even more.