Here's How Much Emeril Lagasse Is Really Worth

Emeril Lagasse is a household name in the culinary world, and for good reason. He was one of the country's earliest celebrity chefs, with his first television show, Emeril Live, dating back to 1997. Before that, he gained fame as one of the chefs featured on cooking legend Julia Child's television show Cooking with Julia Child (via PBS). 

He became known for his own brand of Creole cuisine, and his trademark phrases such as "Bam!" and "Let's kick it up a notch" quickly made him a beloved primetime chef in homes across the United States. According to an interview, his catchphrase "Bam!" was initially intended to keep both his audience and his staff on their toes (via Eater). Like many chefs, he put in his time training, both at an acclaimed culinary school and also in the kitchens of a series of restaurants in Paris (via Emeril's). 

After more than 30 years since opening his first restaurant, Lagasse's success has led to a number of restaurants and almost 20 cookbooks.

The net worth of Emeril Lagasse

Of course, this type of culinary kingdom could certainly help to put you well on your way to becoming a self-made millionaire. But just how much is Creole cooking legend Emeril Lagasse worth? Lagasse, the winner of a James Beard Award (via James Beard) is generally thought to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $70 million (via Celebrity Net Worth) though there are some estimates that put him a touch higher. 

As he no longer has a television show on the air, he brings in most of his income from the 11 restaurants that he owns (via Emeril's Restaurants). These restaurants, concentrated in New Orleans, Florida, Las Vegas, and Pennsylvania, are thought to bring in some $150 million annually. Of course, this doesn't all go straight into Lagasse's bank account, but a large portion of it goes towards him building his food fortune.