What You Need To Know About Snoop Dogg's New Wine

Snoop Dogg has got to be the world's most unlikely domestic diva. For one thing, he's a dude. But for another thing... well, just about everything else about him. He started out as a legit gangster, did time on a drugs charge, and was once on trial for murder... and now he's hanging with Martha Stewart and has even published his own cookbook. So what comes next on Mr. Dogg's unexpected agenda? Will he emulate the Pioneer Woman by designing his own line of kitchenware and market it through Walmart? Oh wait, he actually already does have a line of candles sold by his online SnooperMarket (and no, they're not weed-scented). Or perhaps he could do a Rachael Ray and create his own line of pet foods, with the addition of a lil' somethin' somethin'? Actually, it seems Snoop's now going into the wine business, and we can't wait to try his new stuff.

Snoop Cali Red will be this summer's must-drink wine

According to Food & Wine, Snoop's wine is going to be released this summer by the appropriately-named 19 Crimes. This Australian label, according to John Wardley, parent company Treasury Wine Estate's marketing vice president of the Americas, is all about "rule breaking, culture creating and overcoming adversity," so of course Snoop's was the face they wanted for what will be 19 Crimes' first California wine. The Snoop Cali Red is a blend of 65 percent petite syrah, 30 percent zinfandel, and 5 percent merlot, and will cost $12 a bottle.

While the label image pictured on Treasury Wine Estates' Facebook page does show Snoop's face, it's not yet known whether these will be "augmented reality" labels which would allow for them to be sound-enhanced via the Living Wine Labels app. If so, though, then Snoop could be known as the innovator who brought the world its first-ever rapping wine label. As the immortal Calvin Broadus once said, "Toast to the bang bang boogie, crush grapes to drink fine wine, S to the N, double O, P!"