The Real Reason You Should Be Poaching Your Salmon

The real reason you should be poaching your salmon

Poaching fish is a method of cooking that involves submerging a fillet or steak of fish in a hot liquid (via The Spruce Eats). This liquid can be anything from wine to milk to water to broth to coconut milk, and whatever liquid you choose can be flavored with the use of aromatics. 

Poaching is a healthy way of preparing salmon that ensures that you maintain the natural juices of the fish. It's healthy because you aren't using any sort of fat or oil in cooking the way you would if you pan-fried the fillet. It's much easier to maintain the natural juices of the salmon because you are cooking the fish in a liquid, as opposed to exposing it to a hot, dry heat source such as an oven or a pan that can dry it out. Thankfully, it's also a quite simple undertaking.

Tips for poaching your salmon

Salmon is a particularly good candidate for poaching because of its robust flavor, which is allowed to shine by using the simple poaching method. By bringing the liquid in your pan to a simmer and submerging the piece of fish, you are doing what is called "shallow poaching" (via Simply Recipes). 

Some people are afraid of poaching because they think that vast quantities of liquid are needed in order to poach the fish, but this isn't entirely true, especially if you are shallow poaching. Be careful that your liquid isn't too hot because this can cause the proteins in the flesh of the fish to tighten and become tough, lending your salmon an overcooked texture (via Serious Eats). 

Poaching salmon is also a relatively quick-cooking method with an estimated 10 minute cook time for filets (via SF Gate). Steaks may take slightly longer.