The Truth About Dollar Tree's $1 Steaks

The first, and possibly most important, thing to know about Dollar Tree steaks is right there in the store's name — yes, their price really is just one single dollar. That's the great thing about Dollar Tree — unlike those liars at Dollar General or Family Dollar, everything Dollar Tree sells is priced at exactly $1 (plus state sales tax, where applicable). The second thing to know about them is, yes, these are real ribeye steaks, although obviously not from any prime bovine real estate. They are, however, 100 percent pure beef, pre-seasoned in a brine solution, and Houston news station ABC13 says their brand, Stampede, is one that is carried by other major retailers.

Dollar Tree employees in the Houston area (a place that knows its steaks) told the station that they couldn't keep these steaks in stock. WCPO reports that this was the case in Cincinnati, as well, so obviously not everyone is horrified by the thought of buying meat from a dollar store. Still not convinced? Well, the proof of the steak is in the eating.

How do Dollar Tree steaks taste?

WCPO had a group of firefighters try out these steaks, although they stacked the deck by serving up $12 per pound butcher shop ribeye and $9 per pound supermarket ribeye as well. Dollar Tree's ribeyes weigh in at 3.5 ounces each, so $4.50 per pound, just half the price of the grocery store steak. Well, duh, the Dollar Tree steak did not come out the winner in this unequal taste test — shockingly, the firefighters went for the expensive butcher's cut. They all ate the Dollar Tree steak, but the best they could say was, "It's not terrible."

ABC13 also staged their own taste test, but refrained from putting Dollar Tree's offerings at a disadvantage by providing pricier meats for comparison. Their taste testers arrived at a more positive verdict, deciding the steaks were okay for the price. As one tester put it, "I'm very shocked. It's better than I thought it would be, absolutely."

While these cheap steaks aren't going to give Ruth's Chris or even Outback Steakhouse a run for their money, it's suggested that they make pretty decent fajitas or stir-frys. The Tampa Bay Times, which remarked on these steaks' "deep, meaty flavor," also suggested they'd be perfect for cheesesteaks. Still dubious? If you can afford Kobe beef, sure, you're unlikely to go slumming at Dollar Tree. If you're dining on a budget, though, Dollar Tree steaks aren't the worst you could do for a buck.