How To Make The Whipped Strawberry Milk Everyone Is Talking About

Users on the video-sharing social media platform TikTok have been producing a ton of viral recipe videos lately, and their latest offering doesn't disappoint — a whipped strawberry milk concoction. This drink is created using a process similar to Dalgona coffee, according to Today, which is an instant coffee-based drink that became popular on the platform, with one TikTok video recipe for it receiving almost 2 million likes. 

The coffee-based version of the drink is also known as "whipped coffee" or "beaten coffee" and gets its name from a Korean honeycomb candy that has a similar flavor. Dalgona coffee is made by whipping instant coffee, sugar, and hot water into a fluffy, cloud-like consistency, which is then used to top iced milk.

People went wild for the drink, and fans naturally began to create their own version of the fun and photogenic drink. One of the first popular takes was to swap matcha powder for instant coffee to create a green topping for the milk, and the latest version involves strawberry milk.

You can make the whipped milk in strawberry, chocolate, or Nutella flavor

The newest iteration of the whipped drink sweeping social media is a pink version, which uses strawberry Nesquick and heavy whipping cream to create the ethereal topping. Delish notes the process for making the whipped strawberry milk is basically the same as the Dalgona coffee (lots of mixing or whipping) but substitutes the instant coffee with powdered milk. While the coffee flavor calls for added sugar to offset the natural bitterness from the instant coffee, they suggest you skip this as most strawberry milk powders are already pretty sweet. 

Insider suggests you can also use chocolate or Nutella to replace the instant coffee if you aren't a fan of the strawberry flavor, and recommends checking out influencer Valentina Mussi's Instagram how-to videos for help. If you would prefer to avoid using powdered milk entirely, Life Shared has a pretty simple, though more time-consuming, recipe that replaces the strawberry powdered milk with homemade strawberry syrup.