The Real Reason Ocean Spray Is Recalling Its Juice

Cranberry juice is one of the OG superfoods — it's packed with vitamins and minerals, jam-crammed with antioxidants, and a recent study mentioned by PR Newswire indicates that cranberries may have prebiotic benefits that promote a healthy gut. Cranberry juice is recommended by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists more than any other type of juice, and Healthline lists among its benefits the fact that it may help to prevent not only urinary tract infections but also gum disease and even heart problems. Drinking cranberry juice may even help to improve your skin, though it works even better if you apply it topically.

But when is a healthy food not a healthy food? When it is possibly contaminated, that's when. Ocean Spray, which seems to supply nearly all of the cranberry products in any given grocery store, recently announced a recall of one of its juice drinks. The reason for the recall was because the juice may contain sulfites, a food preservative known to cause allergic reactions in some people.

The details on Ocean Spray's cranberry juice recall

This recall affects just one Ocean Spray product, the six-pack of Pink Lite Cranberry Juice Drink in 5.5-ounce cans. International Business Time reports that these juice packs were sold both online and in-store between Feb. 21 to April 16. Ocean Spray admits that the sulfites were added (mistakenly) by their contracted juice producer and that the company was unaware of this until customers started complaining that the juice smelled funny. When they had their food safety analysts check the juice out, they found that it did contain sulfites that weren't disclosed on the product label, but Ocean Spray clarifies that this type of preservative is not part of their juice formula.

If you purchased this juice (all of the details regarding lot number, case number, can number, et cetera can be found on the FDA's recall announcement web page), you don't need to send it back in to get a refund, but you will have to snap a pic of the "best before" date code on the bottom of the can and send it to They will then send you a coupon for a replacement pack of sulfite-free juice. If you've already consumed the juice, though, do not panic! Ocean Spray says they haven't received any reports of illness related to this product. Also, it's only this one specific item that was affected, and any other Ocean Spray products in your pantry should be problem-free.