The Real Reason Katie Lee Decided To Find Out The Sex Of Her Baby

Food Network star Katie Lee and her Husband Ryan Biegel wanted to start a family after they got hitched, but fertility difficulties threw a wrench in their plans. Katie Lee took to Instagram with a heartfelt post about the couple's issues back in April 2019. She explained that infertility is a heartbreaking issue that she and Ryan were struggling with in private, but she understood many other couples were going through similar things so she felt like coming forward could help shed some light on the sensitivities around the topic.

Things turned around for the pair, though, and two months ago Katie Lee posted an adorable pasta pic captioned, "Eating for two, Baby Biegel is on the way!" After fans knew about the struggles the couple had prior to the pregnancy, it was obvious to everyone that this news was exceptionally special for the pair. Also, they didn't originally intend to find out the baby's sex prior to the big day. It makes sense that they'd want to keep it as exciting and rewarding every step of the way by keeping the sex of their baby a mystery.

However, things changed, and so did the couple's ideas, and last week Katie Lee and Ryan decided to share the news with her co-workers. She posted the moment on her Instagram story, and it took place during the latest episode of The Kitchen. She announced they needed some good news and pulled out a strawberry shake to symbolize a baby girl was growing in her belly — how totally cute can you get (via People)?

Katie Lee's reveal with a pink shake

She then made an ultra-sweet Instagram post announcing that the pair was having a girl. "Our original plan was to wait and be surprised at birth, but we decided at a time like this, some good news for us to be excited about right now outweighed a surprise in September," the Food Network star explained, and boy are we all excited to meet the newest Biegel come the start of fall. 

The actress ended by expressing her gratitude towards fans who reached out with words of support after she initially posted about the couple's fertility complications. She ended with, "They say it takes a village to raise a child, but for some of us, it takes a village to have a child." Celebrities obviously are a target for bullying and body shaming, so it's totally refreshing to hear about individuals offering words of kindness and encouragement instead of aggression.

The village that's gathered around this pregnancy is celebrating across the world, and one thing is for sure, with all the anticipation and excitement around this baby, Katie Lee's delivery is going to be one for the books.