The Truth About The Cooking With Pixar YouTube Series

Have you ever imagined eating leftovers with the family from The Incredibles? Or going to Toy Story's iconic Pizza Planet with Woody and Buzz and eating pizza and winning a three-eyed Alien? Or even better, joining Monsters Inc.'s one-eyed Mike Wazowski and his the Medusa-cyclops girlfriend Celia at Harryhausen's for that eye-popping sushi? Well, now you can. Sort of. Pixar has created its very own YouTube cooking channel inspired by the food in its animated films. This series launched a few months back, but is quickly gaining in popularity with fans, young and old alike. With 4.7 million subscribers, Pixar has a built-in Youtube audience who will be eating up these recipes (via iHeart Radio). 

So far, there are three Cooking with Pixar videos on the channel. The first walks us through making Bao buns with the beloved character Bao from the short animated film Bao. The pudgy baby bun guides watchers through a seemingly simplistic recipe for Bao buns. Bao buns are traditional Chinese dough steamed to — they're generally sweet in taste and oh so yummy (via School of Wok). With over 208,000 views, the Bao video is the most watched in the Cooking with Pixar YouTube series. It is short enough to keep your kids' attention, with a run time of just over 90 seconds. There are no ingredient measurements provided, but blogger Thrifty Jinxy offers it on her site.

Cooking With Pixar takes the cake

The second video is all about Toy Story. Kids' eyes will light up when they see Forky from the fourth movie guide us through the making of a pepperoni and peppers Pizza Planet pizza. What could be cuter than Forky pulling and shaping a pizza dough, and The Claw, picking up and scattering a handful of pepperonis onto the pizza? 

The most recent video, which dropped three weeks ago, features Ian and Barley from Onward making birthday cake. Through the magic of animation, eggs are cracked, flour is measured, vanilla is poured into a bowl and stirred, resulting in a beautifully baked and perfectly frosted birthday cake. None of these recipes share measurements, either, but it seems like these short cooking episodes were created to serve more as inspiration for fans to connect over movies and food than to get the exact science of cooking right (via Delish).

The final verdict: Cooking With Pixar is great content and a great way to bring families and friends together in the kitchen. Hopefully, Pixar will continue to add new videos to this channel and hit everyone's favorite food from their movies.