Everything You Need To Know About Taco Bell's New 'At Home Taco Bar'

Taco Bell is on a roll with another new taco-related release. Earlier this week, we noted Aldi welcomed some nifty Taco Bell dinner kits to the budget grocery store, and now, the favorite fast-food chain is selling make-at-home taco bars for its fans, just in time for Cinco de Mayo (via Fox News).

In addition to the "At Home Taco Bar" that Taco Bell will begin selling on Friday, May 1, the fast-food chain is also releasing recipes starting Sunday, May 3. While their taco bars are designed for customers to build their own Taco Bell-style tacos at home, the recipes will help provide some ideas for making your own tacos at home. The recipes are a little more advanced than some Taco Bell favorites, like a bean, cheese, and rice burrito, and some are festive drink recipes, like a "Wild Strawberry Tequila Sunrise." Though drink ingredients and alcohol are not included in the taco bar kit, it's worth planning ahead for your home Cinco de Mayo celebration.

What comes with Taco Bell's 'At Home Taco Bar'

The "At Home Taco Bar" comes with enough provisions to feed six people at a reasonable price point — $25 — which makes it a pretty good deal. The taco bar includes many of Taco Bell's staple ingredients that you'll need if you want to celebrate the Taco Bell way.

The kit includes eight flour tortillas, 12 crunchy taco shells, six ounces of chips, seasoned beef, shredded cheese, hot sauce packets, shredded lettuce, beans, nacho cheese sauce, and more (via Taco Bell). All of the ingredients will come pre-packaged separately so that you will have all of the ingredients and freedom you need to create your own Taco Bell creations.

As far as the recipes go, one we're excited to see is the Double-Decker Taco, which is a Taco Bell menu item from the archives. Other recipes the fast-food chain plans to share will also include classic favorites as well as new recipes.