Everything You Need To Know About Frog Bread

If you've been at home and quarantining for as long as you now care to remember, we won't judge you if you've been keeping an eye on social media for inspiration on what to do next. And if you've mastered the basics of homemade bread, and have a jar of sourdough starter hanging out on the kitchen counter, you may decide it's time to move on to whatever Twitter or Tik Tok might have lined up for you next. And when you're all set to try something new, get your kitchen ready for frog bread (via Delish).

Quarantine frog bread looks nothing like the Muppet Kermit and more like his real-life, ribbeting cousin that lives down by the local pond. No frogs might have been harmed in the making of frog bread, but the best loaves do look like edible versions of the real thing — the best of the bunch have four legs, bulging eyes, and a plump body. Frog breads also come in all sizes, from a big momma frog loaf that you can slice up and share, to individual-sized baby frog dinner rolls that occupy their own side plates (points if your plates are green and shaped like lily pads). 

Frog bread is the latest Tik Tok craze

The original frog bread recipe came from a site called The Fresh Loaf in 2005 whose author said he was inspired by a San Francisco Mission District bakery which created alligator-shaped loaves. And since the baker liked the idea of creating animal breads, his wife, who likes frogs, suggested the amphibian would be the perfect inspiration for his new loaf. Apparently the Tik Tok universe likes the frog bread idea too because videos the hashtag #froggybread has racked up 1.7 million views and counting.

No two frog breads might look alike, but they all make their bakers feel like a million bucks. User Tika took to Twitter to show off the fruits of her labor and say: "I made frog bread today and SEROTONIN IS H E R E." Tika also tells Vice, "Making my frog bread was fun because creating things brings a sense of accomplishment and delight. The final result brings me joy because it's a FROG! And I LOVE FROGS! And the shape is so round and cute!!" 

Instagram user fools.jorts also posted rave reviews: "I made froggy bread and i HAD to post it bc it took like an upwards of 5 hours and im UNBELIEVABLY proud bc ive never made bread before and I HAD SO MUCH FUN"

After dalgona coffee and pancake cereal, its anyone's guess what Tik Tok will come up with next. But for now — frog bread, anyone?