The Surprising Item That Kroger Sells The Most Of In The World

There are plenty of surprises abound about America's most popular retailers and what they sell the most of. Walmart, for example, sells more bananas than any other product every year (via Business Insider). Costco, on the other hand, sells more toilet paper year over year than any other product (via Reader's Digest). 

And what about Kroger, with its 2,758 locations spread across the country (via Kroger)? It turns out Kroger sells more flowers than anything else every year. And, given the scope of their business, this actually makes Kroger the largest florist in the world (via Moneywise). An average supermarket sells some $225,000 in flowers annually, which is growing at a rate of 5.6 percent every year, and though sales figures haven't been made available, it can be assumed that Kroger is doing a bit better than that given their position as the leading florist in the country (via Grocery Dive).

A Kentucky Kroger provides a historic garland

In 2017, the company launched its own floral brand, called Bloom Haus, and certified that all of the flowers sold would be grown and harvested using sustainable and socially responsible methods. The company prides itself on its floral history and has been creating the garland of roses that is hung on the neck of the winner of the Kentucky Derby every year since 1987 (via Kroger Stories). 

This garland is made at the same Kroger location every year, in Middletown, Kentucky, some 16 miles away from the racetrack. According to the company, the garland weighs 40 pounds, is 122 inches long, and takes a dozen florists about seven hours to produce. Some 400 roses are used (they're all Rainforest Alliance Certified) and the stem of each blossom is contained in an individual vial of water to keep the flower fresh. The garland is taken to fabled Churchill Downs with a police escort, and it's placed on display before being awarded to the winning horse.