The Surprising Thing Rachael Ray Can't Make

Rachael Ray is one of the "it" chefs when it comes to celebrity chefs. Her popularity is only matched by her accomplishments. Ray, a self-taught cook from Brooklyn, has authored numerous cookbooks that have graced The New York Times bestseller list, gained a celebrity following of her own, championed the 30-minute meal, created her own magazine and kitchen line, and earned her own syndicated cooking show. 

Ray's everyday charm and ease, coupled with her signature smile, make her an easy favorite with both accomplished and novice cooks (via Famous People). She can whip up her classic pasta carbonara, a batch of Grant's Chocolate Chip Cookies, or her famous Daddy Wu's Pan Fried Chicken in what seems like a matter of minutes, and it's guaranteed to be delish (via Rachael Ray Show). We should all be so talented. 

But with all those recipes and cookbooks, including one that boasts 365 unique recipes, there's still one thing Ray cannot make. Hard to believe, right? If you can come up with enough meal ideas for an entire year, it seems like you can pretty much cook everything. 

However, Ray is so relatable, even she has something that eludes her cooking talents (Via The Recipe). What is it?

Rachael Ray cannot make this simple thing

The one thing Rachael Ray cannot make, according to The Recipe, is coffee. If you Google Rachael Ray and coffee, it is apparent she has had several guests on the show to help her learn the nuances of how to make the perfect cup of java, and she even sells a pour-over coffee brewing set through her product line. Ray even had a guest on where they demonstrated how to make coffee for a week without a coffee maker. 

But alas, Ray says whenever she makes a cup of joe, it looks like "mud or pee," and maybe, to make us feel better, she also says she can't make toast. It's kind of comforting to know the queen of comfort food is just like us and struggles to make the perfect cup of coffee. 

It can definitely be a challenge to get the right ratio of ground coffee to water. Bon Appetit suggests following their "golden coffee to water ratio" of 1:16 parts coffee to water when you turn on the Mr. Coffeemaker. They also advocate for measuring their ground coffee by weight with 22 grams of coffee to 352 grams of water being the magic numbers. If weight isn't your thing, consider using this handy dandy gram to ounces conversion calculator

However, if this still doesn't help your coffee making skills, know that you are in good company with Rachael Ray, and, of course, there's always Starbucks or your local coffee shop.