The Recipe You Should Know How To Make, According To Gordon Ramsay

After spending so much time telling people (oh so nicely...NOT!) that they do not know how to cook (see any episode of Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares for ample examples), Gordon Ramsay has finally decided to instead start teaching people how to cook.

Ramsay took part in a question and answer session on Reddit in which a user asked the famously-cantankerous cook what the five dishes were that he thought everyone should be able to cook. The seven-star Michelin chef responded with some interesting choices (via MasterClass). He said that the most important thing to know how to cook is (drum roll, please) a burger. He didn't elaborate much other than to say that "everyone enjoys a great burger." Plain and simple

A healthy breakfast was Ramsay's second suggestion. He called being able to cook one "crucial" and recommended poached eggs, smashed avocado, or an omelette as a couple of options.

Gordon Ramsay thinks you should know how to make dessert

His third suggestion was a bit broad — a dish that involves braising, a technique which uses both dry and wet heats to fry and then simmer meat, fish, or vegetables (via Today). Ramsay suggested the use of short rib or tri-tip steak and promotes the braising technique because it allows for great leftovers, which can be used all week.

For his fourth pick, Ramsay returns to the healthy theme with his pick of a healthy white protein like chicken. Again, he allows for some flexibility here, saying that anything from a sautéed chicken, to a marinade to go with a chicken caesar salad, are acceptable solutions.

To round out the suggestions, he tells fans that they should know how to make an excellent dessert, not only for themselves but also for friends and family, whom he says would be much more excited to receive a homemade sweet treat rather than something like a "scarf, or a jumper or a pair of socks."