The Burger Making Hack You've Been Missing Your Whole Life

You may have heard of beer can chicken — but what about beer can burgers (via The Kitchn)? While a stuffed burger may sound like something that can only be had at a gastropub, they're actually quite easy to make at home with the aid of a beer can. While Delish provides their own recipe for a burger mix, it's not something that has to be followed religiously, and you can easily use whatever tried-and-true method to season ground beef for burgers that you prefer (via Delish).

The more essential part of the recipe, though, is forming your patty around the beer can. Start with a half-pound ball of beef like you normally would, but use the can to "smoosh" the ball so that it becomes flat on the bottom. Then, you'll mold the sides around the can so that the burger is shaped a bit like a small, chunky bowl.

It is inside this little beef bowl that you can put the fillings that will stuff your burger.

Choosing ingredients for your stuffed burger

The original recipe calls for beef, but you can use any type of ground meat that you would normally use for a burger. Turkey, buffalo, or even Beyond Meat would work fine.

If you're interested in making sliders, or burgers that are on the slightly smaller side, you can use a beer bottle, which will create smaller "bowls" as a result of its smaller diameter.

Potential filling options include cheddar and jalapeño, or provolone, bell pepper, and onion although anything that will melt is a conceivable possibility. With a little creativity, there are tons of alternative recipes you can come up with. If you really want to add another layer to the experience, you can wrap the burger in bacon.

While it's theoretically possible to make these burgers on the stove or in the oven, they're best made on the grill, cooked for 30 minutes over indirect heat.