The Truth About Gordon Ramsay And Bobby Flay's Relationship

Every industry has its share of beefs and the world of cooking is no exception. Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay, two celebrity cooks with illustrious pasts, appear not to be big fans of each other. Perhaps it is not entirely surprising that the two chefs with super-sized personalities don't quite get along, and after all, Ramsay wouldn't be the first person in the world to have an issue with Flay

In an interview with television host James Corden on his The Late Late Show, Ramsay was asked to rank three celebrity chefs, Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver, and Bobby Flay from best to worst. Puck got the top spot, Oliver was number two, and Flay was ranked last, which resulted in much laughter from the audience (via Food Beast). "For the last five years, we've been trying to do this cook off together in Vegas for charity," Ramsay explained to Corden. "He won't sign the [expletive] contract. Now, Bobby, sign the contract, you limp [expletive]."

Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay's feud spans years

The interview aired in 2018, and while there have been rumors of moves toward a finalization of the deal, nothing has ever come of it. In 2019, Ramsay responded to a tweet celebrating the 15th anniversary of Flay's iconic restaurant Mesa Grill by saying, "That's cute... I bet I wait 15 years for @bflay to sign the contract for the cook off" (via Twitter). 

Ramsay's claim that the plan to host a cook-off has been a long time coming appears to check out. In 2016, Ramsay showed up to Flay's restaurant for a cook-off and was rather shocked to find that Flay wasn't even there (via Thrillist). Was Flay just fashionably late? No one knows for sure. Then, in a 2019 interview, Flay didn't have a good answer to a reporter's question about when the event would happen (via Celebrity Page). However, he noted that organizers would likely have to pony up for the deal because "Gordon likes money." Burn! And then, as if to add insult to injury, Flay offered his own involvement for free. 

But as they say, any press is good press. It wouldn't be surprising for a moment if the two were good friends, exploiting a beef for a little bit of attention.