This Toaster Quesadilla Hack Changes Everything

Quesadillas are perfect for lunch, dinner, or a snack. This simple dish, which consists of a tortilla and some cheese, even in its most basic form, is both versatile and easy to make when you are busy with work and life. Still, whether you are frying it up on the stove in a skillet, using your panini press, or baking your quesadillas in the oven on a baking sheet, getting to that cheesy goodness still requires a little time to prep, and clean up (via Oh My Veggies). 

You've probably heard the saying, necessity is the mother of invention; well, leave it to the internet and the mother of video-sharing social networking sites, TikTok, to give us a quesadilla hack that makes us wish we had figured this one out on our own. 

TikTok user @viking_davidson shared his late-night toaster quesadilla trick with the online world, and the reviews will make you want to try it ASAP. He calls it a quesadilla pocket, and in his video promises both yummy, melted, gooey cheese, and a hot toasted tortilla (warning: he uses language not suitable for young ears in the beginning). And, a disclaimer before you try this cheesy quesadilla hack: Putting cheese into a toaster does come with a potential fire risk, so try at your own risk, and if you do try it, stay close to your toaster, just in case (via HuffPost).

What you need to know to make your quesadilla pockets

So, how does this toaster quesadilla hack work? First, you need a tortilla and some cheese. One reviewer of this hack tried both cheese slices and shredded cheese to see if one works better than the other. She was pleasantly surprised to find that both forms of the cheese will produce your desired result (via Kitchn). Once you have your two ingredients, place the cheese in the center of the tortilla and fold either side of the tortilla over the cheese, then fold up the bottom. Place the folded quesadilla with the closed side down into the toaster, and let it toast until the sides start to turn golden. Once the quesadilla pops up and finishes its first toasting, reverse the pocket's fold, and toast the other side until the tortilla is crispy.  

There you have it: a quick quesadilla whenever you want it, with minimal effort! Happy snacking.